Dedicated: Body confidence for a happier you

The truth is, many women are simply unhappy with their bodies.  Poor body confidence is incredibly common.  When some women looks into the mirror, they doesn’t see beauty; they sees sagging breasts, wide hips, and a flabby belly.  Sometimes, these things are what they perceive and not the reality.

Poor body image runs rampant in today’s society, partially because of Western culture’s fixation on an unrealistic ideal of perfection – porcelain-like skin, perfectly toned abs, perky breasts, no fat.  Flipping through the pages of any fashion magazine or turning on the television can torpedo a woman into a downward spiral of shame and self-doubt.

It isn’t impossible to achieve solid body confidence and to feel good about oneself.  Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand.  It’s easy for women to forget that they are beautiful just the way they are, but with a little help, it is possible to achieve a healthy body image and be truly happy with one’s appearance.  If one isn’t happy, there are measures to take – exercise, diet, and maybe even a haircut – to help improve these feelings.

The basics of body confidence

From what I read in kayla itsines ebook, when a woman doesn’t think she looks good, it can affect a lot of different things – her mood, her ability to relate to others, her health.  Feeling bad about oneself can also add a significant amount of stress, which can take its toll mentally and physically.

More and more women are desperate to stop feeling self-conscious about the way they look and want to start living their lives more freely.  One of the first steps in combatting these issues is to identify when these “fat feelings” are happening and to understand that fat is not a feeling.  Acknowledging these feelings may be a good segue into redefining one’s habits.

Small changes make a big difference

The more women compare themselves to others, the worse they usually feel.  Stop doing this!  This can be harder than it sounds, but with a little effort it is possible.  When feeling dissatisfied with one’s body, a woman should stop comparing herself to the models in the magazines and start focusing on all the wonderful attributes she has inside.  Remember, lots of those photographs are airbrushed and put through Photoshop.

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Now is the time to redefine what it means to be beautiful – accepting oneself is a sure way to achieve a stronger body confidence.

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In the bedroom

Lots of women are embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of a lover, which is definitely not the way to feel.  Stop changing in the bathroom or getting undressed with the lights off – a fun way to ease into this is to browse lingeriediva.  Who says that the woman is the only one that can put on sexy lingerie to spice things up?  To make the experience less intimidating, why not have the man dress up, too?  This can make getting down to one’s naughties a little more lighthearted and less scary.  It is also a great way to bond.  Who knows, maybe it will be the start of a new tradition!