Dedicated: Choosing The Best Basin for Your Bathroom

A basin is not only highly functional, but it also contributes immensely towards the aesthetics of any bathroom or kitchen. Nowadays, there are innumerable choices available, like over-or under-the-counter basins, pedestal or wall basins, semi-recessed or inset basins, along with a wide range of stone and glass basins. You can see from this list, that there are many other choices to make, other than the size and colour, and this is why we’ve pulled together some of the things you may need to think about when you’re looking to get a new basin for your home.

Basins come in many different shapes, like rectangular, square, oval or round. When it comes to under-the-counter basins there are no tap holes, as a tap is separately placed over the basin counter; whereas, for above-the-counter basins, a tap hole is provided since a tap is fitted on the body of the basin itself.

Pedestal and wall basins, as well as semi-recessed and inset basins have the option of one, two or three tap holes, as per the design of the basin. It depends entirely on the use that your basin will have, which type of basin you should have fitted, and you’ll find that browsing online will illustrate just some of the choices you could make.


The materials used for basins are equally as varied. They may be made of concrete, granite or stone. Marble, terrazzo and soapstone are also widely used. Metal basins made of copper, nickel, iron or stainless steel are also used. Likewise plastic, glass and ceramic are materials used to make basins. Teak wood basins have been in use since early times. Teak wood possesses natural antiseptic and waterproofing properties and thus, basins made of teak wood are the first choice in the marine industry.

In kitchens, the preferred choice is stainless steel basins made with a die or fabricated with welding. Cast iron basins are also used after coating them with enamel. Nevertheless, in a cast iron basin coated with enamel, the problem of surface damage arises.

Once the enamel coating comes off, the surface is damaged and the iron is exposed, which starts to rust and corrode. Ceramic basins, which are doubly glazed, overcome this problem of surface damage; however, they are less durable than metal basins. Hence, for heavy-duty applications, metal basins are used and for general-purpose applications, ceramic basins are very popular.


Besides durability, functionality and price, you may also consider the appearance of the basin. When considering the aesthetic appeal for a basin, people tend to prefer glass, terrazzo or concrete basins, primarily because of their flexibility in design. These basins can be made in any desired shape, size and colour. Terrazzo and concrete basins are highly durable and mostly used in extremely heavy-duty applications. Glass basins come in unusual colours, shapes and sizes, as well as different levels of transparency from opaque to blur to absolutely transparent. Broad ranges of aesthetically pleasing basins are available all over the world.

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