Dedicated: Hot Summer Jewelry Trends for 2014

While most Fashion Weeks are over, they’ve introduced trends that will stay around for at least a season. Many of the trends from last year were popular once again this year, but may end up fizzling out a little bit by next summer. Some of the popular pieces for this summer are classic pieces that seem to withstand the test of time and are always in style.

Fashion Week is big on letting consumers know what is in style and what is (or will be) popular, but you can’t rock a style if it’s not something you love. The best ideas are the ones that are unique and show your own style.

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Popular Jewelry Pieces for Summer

That being said, some pieces are bound to be popular as the weather warms up throughout the country. Here are a few:

  • Cuffs
  • Statement earrings
  • Ocean hues
  • Chokers
  • Bright colors and pops of neon
  • Tribal-like jewels
  • Midi rings (rings worn halfway down the finger)
  • Midi cuffs (bracelets worn halfway up the arm)

You can expect to see your favorite stars in bright colors and unique styles that make a statement about every personal preference.

Jewelry for Every Occasion

Accessories can complete any wardrobe, but you can’t own the style until you feel comfortable in it. Below are a few easy ways to add popular jewelry trends to your wardrobe, and make sure you’re in style this summer.

  • Neon: Add a little bit of neon, electric color that isn’t too flashy. Combine color with sparkles to offset the brightness. Neon colors also set off your summer tan, making your skin look darker.
  • Deco-Inspired: Add some art deco pieces to your wardrobe to bring a touch of the classic into a modern wardrobe. Pieces like these are unique are haven’t quite made it to the mainstream yet.
  • Pastels: Go for ultra sophisticated with some delicate color that makes up for the neutral tones of your wardrobe.
  • Raw Stones: For a chick, boho look, add some rough stones to your ensemble. These stones are perfect for any activity, from walking on the beach to attending a music festival.
  • Go Green: Add some fresh, happy green in to your accessories. Think of hiking through a forest, blooming flowers, and long picnics in the park when you’re choosing green for your outfit.
  • Geometric Shapes: If you want to make a statement, add some geometric shaped jewelry to your outfit. Choose from restrained shapes to bolder, brighter colors that make you stand out.
  • Animals: Choose jewelry in animal shapes to make a powerful, exotic statement. Spark a conversation with a little bit of wildlife in your wardrobe.
  • Silver: Make your skin look great with some heavier silver metals in your jewelry. If you’re looking for more of an edge, silver is the way to go.
  • Wraps: Wrap bracelets are all the rage, and come in every shape and color. Pair your wrap bracelets with a watch, set of bangles or a friendship bracelet to complete the look.
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While styles come and go, the most important part of every ensemble is how you feel when you’re wearing it. Choose pieces that you are comfortable in that make you feel stylish.