Dedicated: Houseplants That Are Easy to Grow and Produce Flowers

Q: What Houseplants are easy to grow and produce a lot of flowers?

If you invest money in houseplants chances are you’re going to want them to look great in your home. A lot of the time you want a splash of color to make this happen. But if you haven’t got a lot of time in your life can you find a plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention but still produces beautiful blooms?

You don’t have to do a lot of work to get a great result from your houseplants; there are specific varieties that are very simple to maintain but will provide a great splash of color for you, and any guests, to enjoy, you can read more about these at Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire.

Impressive blooms of the anthurium

Anthurium Exotic Plant

Anthurium are simple to grow; they like medium to bright light, without being exposed to direct sunlight. If you keep these plants you also need to make sure they have an evenly moist soil or com post to grow in; in fall and winter when the plant is dormant the soil should be kept barely moist. The benefits you get from anthuriums are their romantic heart-shaped leaves and striking blooms which are most often red but can be found in lavender, white and pink.

These blooms provide a cascade of color for approximately eight weeks and make for excellent cut flower displays. One thing to be aware of is that anthurium plants have slightly toxic leaves so you need to be careful if you have young children or pets in your home.

The festive features of a Christmas cactus

christmas cactus

For household color at a different time of year the Christmas cactus is prefect. Cacti have a reputation for being easy to manage and this variety is no exception. It prefers moderately dry conditions with bright light and a temperature of around 70 – 80°F, 55°F during the fall months. These plants present impressive balls of color throughout your home with their myriad of magnificent blooms in shades such as rose, red-orange and salmon.

If you have a Christmas cactus you should keep it healthy and robust by pruning it after flowering. Pinch out leaves, or take a sharp knife to cut away some stems; this makes the plant develop further strong growth.

The beauty of an African violet

african violet


These colorful houseplants are easy to maintain and produce a mass of pink, purple, blue or variegated blooms. They thrive in a moderate to bright non-direct light and in a moist but not wet soil. You should always water African violets from the bottom by placing them in a saucer of water; never let the plant stand in the water for longer than 30 minutes.

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To make sure that these plants continue to bloom and grow well, flowers should be pinched off. If you remember to do this you’ll get the benefit of more blooms developing. One important thing to remember about African violets is that they should never be kept in a draft.

All of these houseplants make an easy and colorful addition to any home.