Review: SOREL Tivoli II Boots

Finally, I can check another thing off of my “adult” list: high-performance, outdoor boots that aren’t ugly. 

And they exist for a price that I am comfortable with, given the amount of years I expect these things to last.

These types of boots fall into their own category of stylish. It’s the category that blends together smart investments with iconic designs with modern utility – and within that category, you’ll find the SOREL Tivoli II boots.

Review: SOREL Tivoli II Boots

Selecting a boot from SOREL’s huge catalog was hard. First World Problem hard, but still difficult! I could see myself in so many of their styles… But I wanted something classic and iconic, and my gaze landed on the Tivoli II. I mulled over which color to get them in. The black was so alluring, but there’s something about this shape mixed with tan-colored suede. It’s classic, and it will never go out of style – after all, it’s been in style for the last 50 years!

Review: SOREL Tivoli II Boots

My Dad would be delighted to know that the look on my face when these SOREL boots arrived was sheer joy. All-weather, waterproof, thick-soled, and warm. Really warm. Shearling-lined warm. These are the kind of boots a girl can bring home to her father.

I love socks already, but it’s boots like these that really allow a good sock collection to show off. Thick, long socks are perfect with these types of rugged weather boots.

You see women on the streets of downtown Chicago and New York City wearing boots like these with the most sophisticated outfits, simply because these are exactly what is needed to fend off the elements all the while remaining totally aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

Everyone knows the name SOREL. When I mentioned this partnership to my friends and family, their mouth dropped and brows furrowed in one of my favorite expressions to see, least favorite to feel: ultimate jealousy. They know that SOREL, now in its 52nd year, builds boots that last and when you’re from around here, these kinds of boots are worth their weight in gold.

SOREL’s influence is trickling down through the generations, too – especially here, in the Pacific Northwest (as is evident by my backdrop in these photos). Here, waterproof, all-weather boots are a big deal. We are the home of some of the biggest outdoor outfitters in the world, thanks to our “every kind of challenging” weather… we take our gear seriously. A large part of SOREL’s increasing appeal is due to their modernization of classic designs. They’re not afraid to change up what has been the same for years, and the market is reacting positively.

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These are what kids should be wearing while rushing from class to class in the chilly months. These! Not those useless, fur-filled sacks that you see everywhere. These can actually take you from class to class to a mountain trail, through a stream, down a sand dune, and back to class again. Detour through the snow? No problem, these boots actually do things.

Review: SOREL Tivoli II Boots

Conclusion: These are officially my boots of winter. (Should that be capitalized? Boots Of Winter? My BOWs?) These will be my best friends once I start getting the cabin fever that usually accompanies the cold months. I can’t wait to stomp through pumpkin patches, crunch through the leaves on chilly walks, play outside in the (hopefully) snow and kick back by the fire pit. Welcome to the family, SOREL boots, I’ve been waiting for you!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SOREL through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about SOREL, all opinions are my own.

  • I had the good fortune of having a pair of these given to me by a co-worker as a hand-me-down during last winter’s snowpocalypse. I was pleasantly surprised at a pair of snowboots that are functional without having to put up with the ugly factor.

  • Laura Sandonato

    The beginning of this post made me giggle. I also feel like owning outdoor boots that aren’t ugly is a hallmark of adulthood. I, however, have my eyes on the Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge. They aren’t insulated though, so the Tivoli II boots might be a better option.

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