Dedicated: ScoopNYC for Discounted Designer Styles

I am always on the lookout for new websites and stores that frequently have high quality designers at discounts that make you feel guilty for taking advantage. They are few and far between, but when you stumble upon a good one – there’s no feeling like it. Virtually thumbing through the page of previously unaccessible items is like getting a key to a room filled with kittens and ripe avocados. (That means “really really awesome.”)

Dresses under $200 from SCOOPNYC


ScoopNYC is based in, um, NYC. What once was a small SoHo boutique has since expanded into 19 retail stores and one really amazing website. They stock designers who you see as guests on Project Runway – we’re not in Etsy anymore, Toto. Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Helmut Lang and Diane Von Fursteberg cuddle up next to accessible labels like Vince, Splendid and ScoopNYC’s own in-house brand, SCOOP.

Matt Bernson Sandals on ScoopNYC

This shop is also an excellent place to discover designers. Just by surfing through their collection, I found Beyond Vintage and Duffy, and I am definitely keeping an eye on Clover Canyon, because I am super intrigued by what they’re doing! Granted, there’s some sticker shock here, but as we’ve learned over the years – sales are bountiful, and there’s almost always a way to get something you want. So remember the names of the designers you like! You never know when you’ll spot them at Goodwill.

Frends Headphones at ScoopNYC

…and, oh, did I mention they have very, very cool headphones?  

Since it’s the end of summer, ScoopNYC is advocating a major closet clean-out, and to inspire you to ditch your extra baggage, they are doing the same by reducing everything in the sale section by an extra 40%. Uh, YUM?!

Check out ScoopNYC here!

Have you shopped at ScoopNYC before? It seems like one of those stores that you could spend an hour walking around, touching everything, trying to see what other people are picking up and hope that they step out of the dressing room so you can see… A dreamy spot, for sure!