Dedicated: Why You Need to Wear One Piece Swimsuits

I can start this by saying that 70% of the women over the age of 18 prefer one-piece swimsuits. One piece swimsuits are changing since the beginnings of time. It is amazing how evolution in culture goes hand to hand with the evolution in fashion. People can relate to antiquity, but that is totally wrong since there are many joyful and ravishing designs that will you look as stunning as if you were wearing a bikini.

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sunbain 2There are many options for women regarding one piece swimsuits. I don´t think that bikinis are not adequate or uncomfortable. For me I believe is a matter of elegance and style. When I was a little girl, about 14, I was invited to a birthday party and I spent hours trying to figure out what to wear. I was so upset because couldn´t feel right in anything and my mother came into my room and told me “ As wonderful and beautiful clothes can be, whatever you choose should never outshine you Alex” I realized that I just need to recall how beautiful I looked and felt. At the end of the day, everyone figures out that they looked their best when they are comfortable. I want to be able to go the beach or pool without worries, but yet looking sexy and chic.

I want my one piece to be flattering and stunning. Wearing a one piece doesn´t mean that you are not fit for a bikini, it just means you are looking for that unique and elegant style while preserving your comfort when you are swimming or surfing. I believe they are figure flattering.
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sunbain 3There one piece swimsuits for every body type:

Maillot: Means “shirt” in French. “Maillot the bain” or bathing shirt is the formal for a swimsuit. In the 1960´s designers combined maillot with spandex to create the contemporary one piece.

Bodyskin: They are similar to dive skins. Used for scuba divers. They completely cover our bodies to improve our ability to swim in the water they are made out of lycra and have tensions zones to help us with turbulence.

Racerbacks: A key characteristic of this design is the lack of any ties or straps to adjust the fit. Athletes prefer racerbacks for comfort and support.

Pretzel Suit: The most revealing design in a one piece swimsuit. The straps drape over the torso near the rib cage. The bottom is high. This unique suit will help you slim your waist and hips.
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Do you think you can wear a one piece and still look sexy? ABSOLUTELY. They are great for women like me that don´t feel totally comfortable showing off their whole bodies and a lot of designers have made very trendy and even sexy one piece for this summer. A good one piece can be as flirty as a bikini. Try one that will make you happy. At SUNBAIN there are many choices that are not only elegant, but trendy and sexy. Don´t take my word for it…..Try it yourself!