Dedicated: Work or Play? Active Nine-to-Five Styles for Spring and Summer

Over the last 30 years, professional clothing has not exactly had the reputation for being “super comfy.” Boring is out, and new exciting things are in. Pops of brilliant color and comfort are things that are happening in offices today. These days, office clothing doesn’t have to be uncomfortable like it typically is. More and more, we are seeing office fashion make coziness a very crucial aspect of their clothing designs. Clothing companies have taken note of the rise of the need for comfortable work wear, and are now offering sporty yet professional-looking garments.

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You may remember hearing about the pajama jean craze in the past five or so years. Well, that’s totally out of style now that dressy yoga pants exist! Everyone wanted styles that snuck in a great deal of stretchiness and comfort while still looking office-appropriate. Betabrand’s dress pants yoga pants are a super chic and relaxed new choice for all you nine-to-fivers who are seeking some freedom in your office wear.

If you are someone who works in front of a computer most of the day, you probably understand how achy your muscles can feel—especially your legs and rear end. It’s advisable to take several breaks throughout the day and get your stretch on in between work sessions. Yoga work pants are absolutely something you should try out and see how it feels to work a day and not feel constrained by your clothing.

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Those who practice yoga regularly are going to love this new craze for agreeable work clothing. Designer of Betabrand’s dress yoga pants, Sarah James, claimed she wanted to essentially create a comfy pair of pants that both a yogi and an office professional could utilize and benefit from. Well, it looks like she succeeded because these pants are all the rage as of late.

The combination of materials is what makes comfortable dress wear really work its magic. Those of us who work a nine-to-five get how important it really is to look presentable. However, typical work clothing has consisted of uncomfortable materials that have no give. So rejoice, it doesn’t have to be this way any more! You will now able to bust out your Vinyasa flow at any given moment of the workday (so long as your boss is not watching you), thanks to the brilliance of combining two different clothing types.

The great thing about office appropriate yoga pants is that you’re basically secretly wearing pajama-like clothing, and no one will know it. Looking professional is truly a vital aspect of any business that takes place in an office setting. Though it’s typically up to the boss to set the dress code, clothing companies have now found a way to slip a little more comfort into it.

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Don’t ever sacrifice your job by dressing or looking like you just woke up or just came from a workout. Dress yoga pants and the like were not created to condone laziness. They exist to help you as a businessperson succeed by feeling your best all the time! Feeling and looking exceptional in the workplace is and will continue to be of the utmost importance. Enjoy your freedom now with professional looking comfy clothes.