Folksy Rose: Dishware from Vida by Espana

Every once in a while, I fall in love with a random pattern that I see in a place that isn’t exactly… wearable. Sometimes, the pattern is so captivating that I don’t even want to wear it – I just want to have it. To look at it for a long time and to show it to other people in hopes that their face will become catatonic in awe like mine did.

While I’m pretty reserved when it comes to the style of clothing I gravitate towards, the opposite couldn’t be more true when it comes to dishes. But not all home decor… just dishes. And cake plates.

Vida by Espana Rose Print Full-Dish-Set

This rose-print set by Vida by Espana stopped me mid-scroll. There are so many colors, and the print is so loud, but there’s just enough white space to balance it out. Would I wear it on clothing? Maybe. But maybe not. Red, pink, yellow, orange, black, green, white, brown… That’s a lot to work with. But on this set – perfection.

Vida by Espana Rose Print Handle Bowl

Handled Cereal Bowl, $9.99 (was $15)

The first piece I saw was this cereal bowl. It has a handle on it, for people who like to walk around, pacing manically while eating their breakfast! For the most important meal of the day, I’d say a handle was obligatory. But the way the pattern lays over this odd shape is totally captivating.

After checking out the entire line, I noticed that this set had a unique (and awesome) feature: they come in both round and square styles.

Vida by Espana Rose Print Dish Sets

Square 4 Piece Place Setting & Round 4-Piece Place Setting, $34.99 per set (was $59.99)

The bowls and mugs are the same, but the plates – oh, the plates! I love the asymmetry, which works because the balance between bold & blank is so perfect because/but not too perfect.

I have a hard time settling on “sets” of dishes, though… As it stands, I have a mix’n’matched set of three different plates and three different bowls – none of which I am attached to. I love the idea of mixed up dishes, but they have to be dishes I’m in love with, otherwise I’ll just start to resent them, you know?

That’s why I have a passion for serveware:

 Vida by Espana Rose Print Service Tray

8-piece Entertainment Set, $49.99 (was $72)

Vida by Espana Serving Plate

Serving Platter, $12.99 (was $19)

Serveware rules because you can get away with buying one piece and not have to explain to people why you only have one bowl that is awesome, and the rest are from IKEA. Plus, you can extra impress people when you bring out your glorious culinary masterpieces on really unique and eye-catching dishes!

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That “entertaining set” has me hypnotized! I love how the wood contrasts with the really bright & painterly pattern. It creates a perfect balance.

See the full collection of Vida by Espana Rose Print dishware here!