Giveaway: Beano Dairy-Defense Challenge

Serendipity is a pretty magical concept. There’s always a debate surrounding the topic of serendipity, or more specifically, coincidence. One side says that there’s no such thing as coincidence, and that random algorithms and probability are to blame for the moments we call “coincidences,” while the other side is convinced that there are cosmic forces at work.

Either way, the feeling you get when something you never could have seen coming just hits you in the face – it’s incredible! When it comes to the fence between math vs. the magic of the universe, I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle. You can find yourself in the right place at the right time, but I think there are some things you can do to prepare yourself so that, when that right time and right place come along, you’re ready.

Would you believe that this is all leading up to me telling you about this macaroni and cheese that I’m obsessed with? Well, believe it.

Every week or so, my mom and my sister go out for a day and just chat each other up while doing some secondary, half-assed activity like wandering around a neighborhood or going through the shops downtown. One day in fall, we decided to get lunch at Icon Grill, one of the most underrated restaurants in Seattle (and it has really good ratings).

We all see the macaroni & cheese on the menu and the description includes sun-dried “tomato snow”, crunchy breadcrumb topping, and four cheeses. Not only that, but when it’s brought to your table, the waiter gauges the center of the macaroni & cheese and pours an entire gravy boat of cheese into the center.

It’s obvious that it should be immediately purchased and instantly consumed… but my sister and I are both lactose-intolerant – her more than me – and so there’s a hesitance that makes it less fun to indulge in this excessively unhealthy cheese pudding.

I know it sounds a little bit lame, but since my paths crossed with Beano to help them diseminate info about their Beano + Dairy Defense digestive enzymes… This has been less of an issue. The bottle is so small that it’s very purse-friendly (and doesn’t even rattle like 99% of other pill bottles).


Indian-inspired Chana Masala with the thing that allows me to comfortably eat it: Beano!

I paid dearly for that macaroni & cheese, but it was so freaking good that it’s become an annual indulgence between the three of us. I am definitely looking forward to ordering it this year, knowing full well that I can mess up that macaroni & cheese and the natural enzymes in Beano + Dairy Defense will eat up that lactose for me!*

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* I am pretty sure that “eating up that lactose” is not technically what Beano + Dairy Defense does. Just to be clear.

To test out how well Beano worked on my favorite “problem foods,” I made Chana Masala – a chickpea and tomato dish that is healthy as heck, but definitely packs a beany punch. I also made my absolute favorite healthy dessert: Black Bean Black Bottom Brownies. A hit of black beans and then a hit of dairy! Beano passed each test with flying colors. I felt nothing!

Recipe: Black Bean Black Bottom Brownies

The ingredients for the Black Bean Black Bottom brownies – including Beano!

Now that I’ve wrapped up my first trial of Beano, they’ve decided to let me challenge you! Calling all ye who care about their digestive health, and want to promote easy, healthy digestion of food in their daily lives!

I will pick five winners to receive Beano + Dairy Defense to take the challenge for themselves. See if Beano unlocks the way you look at food in your every day life! That special mocha could be way less punishing, and that summer ice cream could be totally worry-free (as long as you’re not watching your sugar intake).

Enter to win a chance to try Beano + Dairy Defense for yourself!

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, September 5, 2014. 

Good luck!