Graphic Tee Club: This Week’s Favorites

You may have picked up that I am a particular brand of lazy, fashionable person. The amount of times the word “pajamas” appears on this blog outside of a sleeping-in-bed context is quite telling, not to mention the extensive “basics” tag, comprised mostly of soft, comfortable things.

In that same vein, I’d say that 6 out of 10 times that I’m wearing a t-shirt, it’s a graphic t-shirt – the laziest of all clothing. Despite the lack of effort required to wear one of these tees, I am exceedingly picky about the designs, and even more picky about the fit. Some things I’ve learned:

  • Good, thin, v-neck t-shirts are worth their weight in gold.
  • You can never have enough band t-shirts.
  • The less relatable the design, the less people will ask you about it. (The goal is 0 people asking you about it. Don’t talk to me, I have headphones on and didn’t wear this shirt for you.) 

Every week, I see hundreds of clothes, and many of those are graphic t-shirts that I just kind of hide away for myself. This week, I thought I’d try sharing them, in case there are other compulsive graphic t-shirt wearers out there who are in need of an influx of new ideas.

Graphic Tee Club, commence!

Graphic Tee Club: Anatomical Heart Graphic Tee

Vintage Anatomical Heart Tee by ZenThreads on Etsy, $18
I’m always a sucker for anatomical drawings, and a human heart is always a safe way to go.

Graphic Tee Club: 55DSL High Typography Tee

55DSL High Typography Tee at Zappos, was $45 now $35.99
My love for obscurity and typography combine, and there’s even an element of baseball tee in there…

Graphic Tee Club: Sincerely Jules Lifering TeeSincerely, Jules Life Ring Tee at Piperlime, was $32 now $15.97
I have another shirt from Sincerely, Jules (whose blog I regularly read, as well) and typically love her designs!

Graphic Tee Club: Lucky Brand Be Lucky Tee

Lucky Brand Be Lucky Tee at Amazon, was $39.50 now $31.60
It’s pretty sweet that Lucky Brand has a cool enough name that people can feel comfortable wearing “branded” clothing. Smart move, Lucky!

Graphic Tee Club: Denim & Supply Love Until Death Tee

Denim & Supply Draped Graphic Tee at Ralph Lauren, was $39.50 now $15
I’m a big proponent of knowing what the hell your foreign-text t-shirt says, so I’ll have you know that I looked this up and it says, essentially, “Attention! Love until death” – which I like.

Graphic Tee Club: Signorelli Cheetah Print Tee

Signorelli Cheetah Print Tee at Amazon, was $38 now $19.94
The cut of this is just as alluring as the bespeckled feline on the front. Signorelli is pretty notorious for excellent taste in design, and this tee is just interesting enough to be noticeable but not flashy at all. Perfect!

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What’s on your favorite graphic t-shirt?

  • Zoomingo

    I am so glad the last one with the leopard print made it on this list! I own so many of these shirts.