How To Wear: The Leather Midi Skirt

Having never owned any kind of leather skirt, this is kind of a step into an unfamiliar direction for me… I want a leather midi skirt more than I can really articulate, thanks to fall arriving and planting little leather midi skirt bombs all over the internet and in stores.

Mini Penny Blog - Leather Midi Skirt

Mini Penny

Leather midi skirts are this fine and delicate balance of sophisticate and motorcycle queen. I’ve seen them at all lengths hovering around the knee, and I’ve seen them with pleats, ruched waistbands, crinkled textures – there’s clearly a style for everyone. The parts of the skirt that hold the most importance for me are the waist band and the hem line.

For the waist line, I like it to be high – on the real waist, not the low waist or hips. I also love a thicker waist band. I feel like it helps keep everything in place, and is exceptionally flattering when worn with a crop top or shirt tucked in.

Xander Vintage - Leather Midi Skirt

Xander Vintage

Occasionally, I’ll come across an outfit or skirt in a color other than black or brown, but they’re pretty far & few between. Some of my favorite leather midi skirt colors have been navy blue (see above), wine/burgundy red, and baby blue! I also spotted a baby pink leather midi skirt, but I feel like it’s always going to look like a poodle skirt in that color.

Mochaccinoland - Leather Midi Skirt


And of course, black is always an excellent choice.

As far as the price point – I literally saw a real leather midi skirt for $1000 today (by Tibi, and it’s gorgeous), so I don’t think I have to tell you that we’ll be perusing the possibility of faux leather midi skirts today. Luckily, I found them all over the place, well within several different price ranges (and all under $100).