I’m Wearing: Literally, Pajamas With High Heels

Here’s a confession for you: I often shop in the sleepwear/pajama department for clothes I fully intend to wear outside the house. With heels. Without shame.

I'm Wearing: Literal Pajamas

Especially in Target’s sleepwear department, which is where I picked up the “tunic top” (ahem, nightgown) I’m wearing here. I’m definitely not sorry. Who in their right mind wouldn’t shop in the department that contains the most garments that were literally designed to be the most comfortable clothes you own?

I highly recommend scouring the pajama section for silky bathrobes that can be used as light jackets or cardigans, and tunic tops like this one! Nightgowns are usually just too short to be considered a mini dress, which makes them perfect for wearing with leggings! They barely cover your butt, and when you’re going with leggings, that’s the only thing you really need to worry about.

For example, Target calls this a robe, I call it a spring jacket under $9 slash perfect wrap top for leggings.

I'm Wearing: Literal Pajamas

Can you blame me? No one can tell that this was a product of the sleepwear clearance section. To everyone else, it’s just a mini dress or long top! The arms are sheer chiffon, and the empire waist tie, while definitely pajama-y, is so well-placed and flattering that it completely passes for daywear.

It isn’t until you see the 8″ slits up each side that you start to think, “Hmmm… This really isn’t intended to be worn without pants.” Or, in this case, intended to be worn only without pants… inside the privacy of your own home.

Fortunately, leggings provide the perfect balance of function and pajama (the famous F:P ratio). These leggings are from the Narciso Rodriguez x Kohl’s collection, and are dark heather grey, featuring a wide, black stripe down the side. That was a big collection for color blocking, so naturally I bought mostly things that were black and grey. Livin’ on the edge, that’s me!

I'm Wearing: Literal Pajamas

They are thick, well made, and have all the legging feel without the “basic” part. Tuxedo-style leggings are now a staple of my wardrobe! Pairing with a basic, solid-color top is an easy way to look put together, fast.

Now about that just add heels part.

These are my newest acquisition, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely been inundated with photos of them.

Seychelles Late Night Wedges

I'm Wearing: Seychelles Late Night Wedges

I got these Seychelles Long Distance wedges from thredUP, an online secondhand shop that I’ll definitely be telling you more about soon, and they were an absolute steal at $17 and change. So technically, yes, these are secondhand, but the condition they’re in would definitely lead me to believe otherwise.

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By the way, I found them online at another store. They were on sale there, too. For $105.

Hell yeah I’m smug.

I'm Wearing: Literally, Pajamas With Heels

I'm Wearing: Seychelles Late Night Wedges

Literally, pajamas with heels. This might be my new motto. If I could come up with a pajamas-as-daywear tattoo design, I would give serious, serious thought to getting it.

These photos are particularly special not just because they’re narcolepsy-friendly, but because they’re in one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever entered in my life. My boyfriend and I had an opportunity to kitty-sit in a beautiful house near the water. It was inhabited by two of the smallest, most adorable kitties ever.

And they would not stop interrupting my photos!

Ainslie & Tilly


Kittysitting in Pajamas

This bothered me approximately 0%.

Happy Monday!

What are you wearing today?