I’m Wearing: Five Outfits from thredUP, $62 for Everything!

I'm Wearing: thredUP finds under $75!

Every day, I’m thankful to the Universe for finally providing some high-quality, easily accessible second hand shopping online. eBay only takes you so far before you lose all of your time and mind in the endless pages of listings. thredUP gets rid of all of that boring, not-clothing stuff and leaves you with consistently photographed, clearly sized products. I could go on like a 13 year old girl who just found out that Ryan Gosling was a thing, so if you want that, please let me know and I’ll fill your inbox.

Yes, I even have their iPhone app, like a true evangelist. (Don’t worry, their Android app is right here!) And despite the fact that they’ve handed me some shopping credits to do this post, I downloaded that app weeks ago and approximately zero people have asked me to mention it. I regularly browse it nightly TV-veg-out-sesh, during the commercial breaks.

Anyway, the challenge they gave me was to see how many gems I could find in thredUPs vast and wide inventory for under $100, total. If you’ve ever been on this website, you know that there are literally thousands of products under $8, so please imagine my giddiness and elation upon completing the long division required for me to realize that’s a lot of clothes.

As I mentioned, the challenge was to find as many gems as you could for under $100I ended up spending $62 and getting five outfits out of it. I mean, at least five, but five with no repeatsies.

1. Anne Taylor LOFT Cotton/Linen Tank

I'm Wearing: 5 Outfits from thredUP, $62 for Everything

You probably recognize this first outfit from my recent review of JORD’s wood watches. This sweater is by Anne Taylor LOFT, and is my new summer favorite. It’s pretty darn sheer (obviously) and light, but the fabric and bold color makes it more exciting. I liked it a lot with this high-waisted skirt (which was already mine), I’m excited to try other pieces with it! This linen/cotton blend knit top was only $4.99.

Shoes: Seychelles “Late Night” Wedges, previous thredUP purchase, $17.49; Skirt: Boohoo Midi Skirt, $16

2. The Limited Wool-Blend Batwing Sweater

I'm Wearing: 5 Outfits from thredUP, $62 for Everything

I had this sweater open in a tab for hours before I decided to spring for it. I take these kinds of challenges really seriously and need to go through the entire catalog of things in my size before making a decision (I’m not well) and this managed to remain a contender until the very end. I had reservations because it’s a wool blend and… well, it’s summer. Then I read that wool is actually not so bad as a summer fabric, and pounced on it! I snagged this for only $11.99.

Pants: Karen Kane Cropped Slim Pants, c/o, on sale for $27 (were $128); Shoes: c/o Duo Wedges.

3. Simply Vera Vera Wang Top & Mossimo Leggings

I'm Wearing: 5 Outfits from thredUP, $62 for Everything

It was funny to see this top on thredUP because, back when I was shopping at Kohl’s a lot, I would see this Simply Vera by Vera Wang top and fight the urge to throw it in my cart because I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I’ve since decided to care even less about what I’m supposed to be wearing, so when I saw it on thredUP, I knew it was fate – even though it was one size too big. I think I can make it work. I was also stoked to see that the occasional pair of basic black leggings shows up on this site! These are better than any basic black leggings I’ve bought for myself, so I’m happy! The top was $6.99 and the leggings, by Mossimo, were $5.99.

4. Old Navy Neon Colorblock Pullover & American Eagle Turquoise Skinny Jeans

I'm Wearing: 5 Outfits from thredUP, $62 for Everything

This pullover has become my favorite thing to wear anytime it’s not naturally perfect weather outside. When it dips below 70, I reach for this. It’s also one of those knits that kind of gets longer throughout the day, and then tightens up in the wash (delicate!1). I don’t mind it, and I really don’t mind swimming in a comfy sweater at the end of a lazy day at home. The turquoise jeans by American Eagle are really loud and bright, but they seem to be a color that doesn’t look at with anything! I’m not complaining. The sweater was $7.49 and the pants were $12.49.

Shoes: Havaianas Slim Sandals in Black

5. Charlotte Ronson x JCPenney I Heart Ronson Dress

I'm Wearing: 5 Outfits from thredUP, $62 for Everything

I hesitated on this dress for so long. I am just not really a dress gal, historically, though that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. I decided to take the plunge (ahem) and I am really glad I did! The zipper on this one is a little funky, but I’m going to chalk it up to character because I’m still riding the New Clothes Bliss Wave, and the zipper hasn’t made me homicidal… yet.

Perfect length, cool pattern, and I love the navy, grosgrain ribbon trim. The main material is jersey, so this is basically like pajamas. This dress, in all its mint condition glory, cost only $12.49.

Shoes: Nine West wedges from a thousand years ago.

Not too shabby for a mere $62! I am kicking myself for not using the full $100, but I reached a point where I’d seen everything on the site, and only $62 worth of beautiful merchandise was jumping out at me! I actively try not to conspicuously consume, so instead of getting stuff I don’t love, I “saved” $38! And five outfits, I mean, come on.

Check out thredUP and get $10 to spend!

All 5 of my thredUP Outfits $62 for Everything!

Probably watching Netflix.

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