I’m Wearing: Electric Green Nails

Maybe it’s the fleeting glimpses of spring seen between random hail storms and snow flurries, but green has slowly been seeping into my wardrobe lately. Once it took over my closet, it went after my disorganized bag of nail polish, and before I knew it… green polish is all I want to wear.

I'm Wearing: My favorite green nail polish

I’m not much of a “dress for the holidays” person, but I do love me some nail polish. This is a good way to avoid getting pinched and still retain your color freedom on March 17th.

I'm Wearing: My favorite green nail polish

Bonita Cosmetics Shock Therapy/Turquoise Review

This color, from Bonita’s Petite line, is listed as Turquoise, but when I look on their website, the turquoise is much, much more of a blue color than what I have. The color I’m wearing looks a lot more like Shock Therapy. It’s a very electric shade of almost-but-not-quite kelly green. It’s fresh and reminds me of sprouts in springtime (I think I’ve been spending too much time around seedlings lately due to my decision that I’m going to learn how to grow things this year!).

I'm Wearing: My favorite green nail polish

It’s one of those colors you have to look at for a long time before you decide whether you like it or not. This one took me about 30 minutes of “what have I done?” to figure out that this color – especially against bland and neutral tones – is amazing. Eye-catching, but not eye-gauging like many neons and other “electric” colors.

The way this green polish looks against this gold, cream and black sweater from boohoo is ultimately dreamy. (A similar sweater can be found here.)


Not only is the shade fabulous, but this polish is chip-resistant. That’s a pretty good feature for someone whose Shellac manicure lasted all of 48 hours.  I do a bajillion dishes every day due to compulsive baking, not to mention working in the dirt… and on top of that, I am a total polish-chipper. Guilty! It’s a filthy habit, but there’s something so satisfying about peeling off an entire nail’s worth of polish. But this stuff? Forget it! It stayed on so long that it started to make my boyfriend uncomfortable.

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What color polish are you wearing lately?