I’m Wearing: My First 2014 Uniform

I’ve developed a lot of different uniforms over the years. It seems like every 3-6 months, I end up whittling down my wardrobe to a basic canon of dressing that leaves me with a super easy, but still interesting outfit that doesn’t bore me. Find me clothes that are exciting and interesting without being uncomfortable, and I’ll fall head over heels for it.

In fact, everything I’m wearing in this post is something I’ve recently fallen in love with.

Outfit: Sorry, We're Cool

Outfit: Sorry, We're Cool

Okay, I admit I don’t rock these gloriously buckle-y 4″ heels every day, but I’m in the middle of a blossoming a love affair with them, and felt they should probably be shown to everyone I know. I’m proud of our love, and I’m ready to share it.

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - Buckle Heels

These are the “Peaches” heels by Ribbon from BANK Fashion! Aren’t they amazing? They came out of the box fitting and feeling perfect, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them ever since.

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - Ribbon Buckle Heel

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - Ribbon Buckle Heels

Originally, I was attracted to them when I was looking for a shoe to wear with crepe tuxedo pants (from the Narciso Rodriguez x Kohl’s line), but once they got to me, I immediately fell in love (is this what motherhood feels like?).

These are currently on sale for a ridiculous £10 (about $16).

The next thing I really need to profess my admiration for is this jacket.

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - Knotted Sisters Jacket

I’ve never owned anything by Knot Sisters before, but when I saw this at Shopbop, my eyes got wide and my jaw dropped. Beautiful grey-green with brassy hardware

The thing about this jacket is that it played some serious hard to get with me. So much so that I started to lust after its other available color combo: black with rose gold hardware. Even now, the thought of that combo makes me weak.

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - Knot Sisters Jacket

After literally weeks of hesitation, I decided on the green. Lucky, because the green had been sitting in my cart. So long, in fact, that it sold out. I resigned myself to loving the black jacket (not really a difficult task) and then hesitated again… For so long that the green came back in stock – in my size. Clearly a sign from God – I bought it immediately. It was on sale, bigtime, (it’s even less expensive now!) and I knew I wouldn’t get bored. An army green, felted wool motorcycle jacket? Please.

I snagged this jacket that I will probably wear for years for only $80.40.

Now… my current favorite jeans.


US Polo Assn. sent these Stevie Super Skinny jeans over for me to review, and I never could have expected to like them this much. As soon as I got them out of the package and put them on, I started skipping around my house because not only were they comfortable, but they were so well fitted. That’s a unicorn in the denim world. There’s plenty of stretch, but the material isn’t paper-thin like most blended denim.

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Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - US Polo Assn. Jeans

All five pockets are present, and the material is stretchy, but looks perfectly denim-esque, and the fit is out of this world. I have every intention of buying these in more jean styles – and maybe stockpiling this rinse wash (which is dark, but has that white, contrasting stitching on the inner leg ).

US Polo Assn. has a ton of different cuts like straight fit and boot cut, and rinses – this is the literal “rinse wash” but they have other appealing options: black rinse, dark wash, super dark wash, medium light… you get my drift.

These are regularly only $48 (and worth every penny), but right now they’re on sale for only $14.99.

Last, but most certainly not least, my favorite oversized shirt:

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool

+10 for smarm, -5 for visible remote.

Okay, obviously this is a totally silly shirt, but I can’t help loving it.

It’s really oversized, and I can wear it pretty much any time and know that I’m about to be super comfy. The company who makes this tee is called Sincerely Jules and I found this tee on Shopbop, and I was delighted to see that their t-shirts were generously sized, because nothing is worse than a too-small t-shirt. I’ve also worn this tucked into a skirt and felt little to no remorse about it.

Right now, this shirt is on Shopbop for only $35!

So basically, some variation of this (different pants, different graphic t-shirt, some other heels) is what I’m in every day. Typically, these shoes shouldn’t come out until April-ish, but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to flaunt them and then get really, really cold.