I’m Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

A long time ago, I developed a wish list of things that I wanted to have in my closet. Instead of trendy exploits and momentary lusts filling the lines, they were all basics.

Extremely specific basics that I had been dreaming and refining in my head for months. These were the things I looked for whenever a store I loved was having a sale because you never know, and finding these lifelong wish list items is something I’d already accepted would be a rare and beautiful moment.

Then that moment came, and it was even more satisfying and awesome than I expected.

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a long-but-sweet black dress that buttoned up the front. This was a unicorn of sorts for me, because I seldom meet a shirt, dress, or jacket that buttons up the front and doesn’t meet its bitter end while trying to close over my boobs.

Just bein’ real, here.

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

This amazing dress that I picked up from TJ Maxx fits the bill perfectly… Not to mention it’s by a designer (a real designer) that I know I can trust: Tahari.

Since the boobs always spoil the button-down fun, why not just… not have it button up? You know, make a pretend button placket, impenetrable and immovable by boobs! Turns out, it does just the trick, and I still get the button-down effect. (Although, my sexy prairie girl options are limited if I can’t unbutton the top button with my hair in braided pigtails, you know? But I’ll live.)

It feels like a shapeless maxi dress, and in reality, it’s the bodacious, tie-waist, hi-low dress of my dreams.

Here is a video from TJ Maxx about the evolution of “dressing your best self” and personal style!

You know the way an over-hyped “little black dress” is supposed to make you feel, according to commercials? Well, I got pretty close. I feel like I could dress this up, down, or sideways, and I would always feel comfortable and do my body justice.

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

I’m always impressed at the designers I find at TJ Maxx and this time was no different. (I actually picked up another piece that I’ll show you next week!) Between second-hand shopping and off-price shopping like TJ Maxx – I pretty much don’t need to shop anywhere else. (…But I’m absolutely going to. Just in addition to the ever-perfect TJ Maxx.)

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Boots

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

The boots have been with me for years, and I’ve always loved wearing them with dresses. The brand is MIA and this is probably the sixth pair of their shoes that I’ve owned. (Here they are for super cheap on Amazon!)

Coincidentally, this is not how they’re supposed to be worn. The tops fold down to display shearling lining which, albeit cute, is inferior to the half-boxer, half-Newsie effect of flipping them up.

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And the way they look with high-low dress is perfection!

I'm Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

I’ve been wearing this dress in a somewhat farm-casual way. The nice thing is, it totally holds up to it! It’s stretchy, but won’t become see-through every time you bed over or become backlit by the sun.

Also: sneak peek at my new, wooden JORD watch! And shoutout to my $6 shirt that I snagged from my beloved ThredUp.

What does your favorite black dress look like?

Thanks to TJ Maxx for supporting this post!