I’m Wearing: Something Called “Satin Jean Leggings”

My quest for comfortable-yet-flashy gear has reached a new milestone in its development, and that milestone’s name is satin jean leggings.

Yes, both jeans and leggings – but not jeggings. Not jeggings at all.

I'm Wearing: Hue's Satin Jean Leggings

They’re a strange mix between wet-look leggings and jeggings. The only “jeans” thing about them is the fact that they have back pockets. They are as stretchy as any other pair of primarily polyester leggings would be, but they are pleasingly opaque.

This particular pair has a brick-like, geometric pattern which is where most of the shine comes from, and the rest is more matte.

I would not recommend these for people who do not like to be looked at oddly in public. If you don’t care or don’t mind, then rock on. These are available at Zappos for less than $40. These aren’t every day pants, but they are versatile enough to wear outside of special occasions and disco/Matrix-themed house parties.

Surprisingly enough, these are from staple legwear brand, Hue, and come packaged just as regular leggings are, despite the “satin jean leggings” influence. Unlike many of Hue’s legwear items, these did not want to stay on my waist, hips, or butt. I would not trust  to bend over publicly in!

I'm Wearing: Satin Jean Leggings and White Faux Leather Moto Jacket

I wore these with my super-see-through purple peplum top from Target (also seen here) and this killer moto jacket from Two by Vince Camuto.

I’m used to hearing about the Vince Camuto brand in conjunction with shoes, so finding this sub-brand at Zappos wasn’t a surprise… Finding a beautiful half faux leather, half jersey sweatshirt material motorcycle jacket by a company who does shoes? That was a surprise. (Albeit a welcome one.)

I'm Wearing: Two by Vince Camuto Faux Leather Moto Jacket

I’ve been looking for a jacket like this for months. Something chilled out enough to wear every day, but interesting enough to not bore me after two weeks. I love the juxtaposition between the faux leather (which is honestly quite convincing on this jacket!) and the hyper-casual jersey.

When open, the jacket is pretty shapeless and fabric-y. It kind of looks like I’m swimming in it. With the light color and soft fabric, it wasn’t very flattering.

I'm Wearing: Two by Vince Camuto Faux Leather Moto Jacket

The moto shape is just a (huge) bonus. Also a huge bonus: the amount of extra fabric in the sleeves. In these photos, you can see how baggy and long the sleeves are as they creep up my hands. In some photos, I tried rolling them in on themselves, but even then it looked awkward.

I'm Wearing: Satin Jean Leggings & Faux Leather Moto Jacket

You may recognize these incredible shoes from my outfit with the baseball jacket and I’m pleased to show them off again because it’s indicative of how frequently I wear these. Despite their formidable appearance, these Boutique 9 Nevan Wedge Sneakers are surprisingly comfortable, and go with a lot of things.

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Once you get use to the bed of spikes at the toe, you hardly notice them, I swear!

I'm Wearing: Sheer Peplum Top & Satin Jean Leggings


Jacket: Two by Vince Camuto, c/o Zappos
Top: Xhilaration Peplum Tank, $19.99 at Target
Pants: HUE Satin Jean Leggings in Geo Print, $36.99 c/o Zappos
Shoes: Boutique 9 Nevan Sneakers from Shopbop (available at Amazon)