In Clearance: Altuzarra for Target

For one of the most hyped designer collaborations, there sure is a lot of Altuzarra x Target stuff in the Target clearance section

I’m trying to pull a concerned face and it is just not working. Thursdays are for CLEARANCE SECTION PILLAGING!

altuzarra for target

Truth be told, this was one of the Target collaborations I enjoyed the most. Sometimes, designer collaborations can be kind of one-note, where the motif or color palette just gets taken too far and everything starts to look… the same.


Joseph Altuzarra is no slouch, though! After winning more than what might be considered a “fair share” of CFDA awards as an emerging designer, he has definitely extended his richly-toned hand to us poor people who spend their day off hanging out at Target.

And now, Target has extended their regular-rich hand to us cheap and broke people by placing quite a bit of good stuff in the clearance section.

Including, but not limited to, shoes shoes shoes! Altuzarra shoes and boots in clearance, for you!

Altuzarra x Target Ankle Boots


Altuzarra x Target Ankle Boots, were $59.99 now $41.98

Fans of AHS: Coven, pay attention. These are the cult favorite of the Altuzarra x Target shoe collection, and it’s obvious why. These are obviously not for the faint of heart – look at that weapon heel – and the mixed textured and ankle strap just kind of send it deep into a Secretary zone. American Horror Story: Coven and Secretary. That’s what these shoes are.

The other two pairs in clearance are just as hot, but a little less permanent-burned-into-my-mind. I’ve never owned a pair of over-the-knee boots, though, and feel like I should probably try them on before deciding they’re not worth pushing people out of the way to get them. I’m just trying to be fair. To the shoes.

In other Altuzarra x Target clearance news: clothing.

Some of the clothes didn’t have the best reviews, but other pieces were averaging 4.5-4.8/5 stars with tons of reviews! Nice!

I’ll let you browse the racks, so to speak, but the pieces that stood out to me were:

There are some other pieces floating around the clearance section as well (I’m partial to the ones with many sizes and eye-catching details) but have a look for yourself! Now is a great chance to own something that Joseph Altuzarra – a sure-thing rising star in fashion – designed and produced!