Affordable Line to Love: Ruff Hewn GREY

Milwaukee-based department store, Bon-Ton has recently taken hold of the fashion internet as I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and they have announced their fall/winter private collection of clothing from their in-house Ruff Hewn line.

The collection, called Ruff Hewn GREY, features a lot of edgier styles that aren’t necessarily youthful. Meaning, as a 30 year old lady, I can wear these styles without feeling like I am pretending to be a 20 year old college kid.

Ruff Hewn GREY Grown Up Edge

First outfit, left to right: Coated Moto Jacket, reg. $99 sale $74.25; Cowl Neck Thermal, reg. $59 sale $44.25; Overdye Black Skinny Jean, reg. $79 sale $59.25.

Second outfit, left to right: Coated Blazer, $99 sale $74.25; Tie Front Knit Woven Top, reg. $54 sale $40.50; Pinstripe Skinny Jean, $79 sale $59.25.

Third outfit, left to right: Ombre Herringbone Blazer, $129; Long Sleeve Knit Scoop Neck, reg. $39 sale $19.98; Slim Bootcut Rinse Jean, reg. $79 sale $59.25.

The prices on the entire collection range from $39 to $129, the top end of which is mostly just heavy-duty coats. They’ll be rolling out the entire collection over a few months during the colder seasons, but much of the collection is available right now.

Ruff Hewn GREY was designed with fall and winter in mind, hence it’s cloudy moniker. It’s full of sophisticated cold weather styles, including many knits, long sleeves, and long cardigans (I guess these are called “maxi cardigans“?) I love long! Exceptionally good for hiding layers and adding much-needed warmth to your outfits.

Plus, there’s just something classic and glamorous about wearing things that hit the floor.

The knits stole my heart, and reminded me of the 90s in a big, big way.

Ruff Hewn Grey Grunge Knits

First outfit, left to right: 3/4 Sleeve Hi-Low Sweater, $89; Faux Leather Trim Legging, reg. $59 sale $44.25; Ombre Infinity Scarf, $40.

Second outfit, left to right:Ribbed Maxi Cardigan, reg. $79 sale $59.25; Rouched Turtleneck, $44; Faux Leather Trim Legging, reg. $59 sale $44.25.

Third outfit, left to right: Drapey Menswear Knit Moto, $84; Menswear Skirt, $59, Infinity Scarf, $40.

The collection has a distinctly grunge vibe, minus the dirty, which I can get behind 100%. [Insert Seattle 90s reference here.] Fortunately, there are enough interesting shapes and color combinations that it doesn’t get too costume-y.

For instance, Ruff Hewn GREY has nailed the interesting outerwear category.

Ruff Hewn GREY by Bon Ton

First outfit, left to right: Sweater Canvas Coat, $129; Color Block Sweater, $79; Overdye Black Skinny Jean, reg. $79 sale $59.25.

Second outfit, left to right: Sherpa Vest, $84; Pointelle Cowl Neck, $84; Skinny Denim Jean, reg. $79 sale $59.25

Third outfit, left to right: Sweater Pea Coat, $99; Johnny Collar Shirt, $59; Velvet Trim Legging, $59.

Fourth outfit, left to right: Denim Sherpa Jacket, $129; Cowl Neck Thermal in Charcoal, $59; Skinny Denim Jean, reg. $79 sale $59.25.

**If a product isn’t linked, it’s because it hasn’t been released yet! Sign up for updates on Bon-Ton’s website, or just keep an eye out for new releases.

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It kills me that most of the products in the last cluster haven’t been released yet… I’m yearning for the Sweater Pea Coat and the Sweater Canvas Coat. Both very cool, very cozy, very interesting coats!

If you’d like to see the entire available Ruff Hewn Grey collection, check it out here! The regular Ruff Hewn collection has some gems in it, as well, and it’s huge! I’m not sure why, nor am I complaining, but everything seems to be on sale right now… Thank you, random sale deities! Ruff Hewn also has great plus size offerings, so be sure to peruse your size!

…Okay, with some very minor research, I discovered that there is a sale running through Saturday, October 4 that gives you 25% off of any one clothing item. Enjoy!

  • Hayley

    LOVE the aesthetic. Really liking the jackets & blazer, the first set of pictures are giving off that badass vibe.