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Have I told you that I have a garden?

WELL, I DO. And I’m mildly moderately entirely obsessed with and consumed by it.

green day garden

About a month ago… it looks way different these days thanks to peas and planters! 

I’m trying to take “broke” to new heights by a) trying to find ways to not have to pay for food and b) spending lots of money to build a garden full of food. I know, semi-counterintuitive, but it’ll pay off! Only have to build it once, right? (Well, that’s the idea…) My boyfriend, Milo, and I have been hard at work for the last 4 months.We’ve planted over 200 seedlings, mostly tomatoes (I got attached and couldn’t get rid of them, ok?) and tons of herbs! But also good stuff like kale and cucumbers and two kinds potatoes.

I’ve killed everything I’ve tried to grow up until this project, so I’m pretty jazzed about it. 

I’m thinking about writing more about how extremely cheap I am in real life (because I swear to you – I am). Maybe I’ll start off with a post about how we built two 50 sq ft planter beds for under $75? Or how a $2.50 packet of seeds will keep us rolling in canned, organic San Marzano tomatoes until we’re 50?

Just a thought – but don’t be surprised if you start seeing more lifestyle & #BrokeLife posts around here!

On to the links!

Want to take a peek at the MAC x Maleficent collaboration? DuJour Magazine has the scoop!

Here are some extremely exciting designer collaborations (in affordable places) on TrendHungry!

I love this polka dot dress on Julie from Orchid Grey.

Awesome spike earrings spotted by Caroline’s Mode – for only $9.50!

It’s crazy how Kate Hudson can pull off pretty much everything she tries to wear. (via Penny Chic)

antlers washi tape

Is that… washi tape? On… antlers? Crazy interior design ideas on photographer, Cleary O’Farrell’s Tumblr!

What the hell is Cinderella surgery and why are people getting it!?

Killer post on Heart of Light (a new-to-me blog!) on creating detailed meal plans. This can save you so much money!

I fantasize about filling big, dead wallspace with typography-based marqueesA Beautiful Mess has a DIY!

I’ll never turn down a great list of body-confidence tips! Especially from Girl With Curves.

Leave your best links in the comments for me!