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I was introduced to Elle King through a friend’s Facebook post, in which she was criticizing all of us – the people on her friends list – for forcing her into the uncomfortable position of having to listen to the radio to find good music. In her world, we should have discovered it long ago, and notified her before the desperate attempt at radio.

She’s right. We should have. So in lieu of my utter failure as a friend, I am letting you all know about Elle King now, so you don’t have to find yourself trapped in a gridlock traffic and reaching for the FM button.

New Music Artist: Elle King

Elle King makes the kind of music you put sunglasses on to. Not the kind of music to wear sunglasses while listening to – just the 5-15 seconds when you raise them to your face. Elle King is the soundtrack of your coy side.

She also has the ability to be the soundtrack of your angry side, your heartbroken side, and your blissful side.

New Music Artist: Elle King

Her sound is gritty but utterly charming, largely in thanks to Elle’s swingy blues voice. Backing her Adele-in-a-dive-bar vocals are her own banjo strumming skills, as well as copious percussion and electric guitar. She also has her way with an acoustic guitar from time to time and I’m pleased to report that her acoustic songs are just as good as her produced, amplified tracks. Yay.

Her recent release, “Ex’s and Oh’s,” jumps into the intro like a roller coaster that starts midway through a steep downhill acceleration, like the song started long before you began listening. The accompanying video, released earlier this month, is a cheerfully macabre depiction of the unbreakable ties we have to our past relationships, and our inability to escape them.

Elle King is the girl who you always envy for her ability to just be herself. 100% of the time, 100% of her honest opinion, and she delivers all of it with a smile.

Her forthcoming album is inspired by Elle’s “ex-boyfriends over the last couple of years,” and judging from this gem, found on The Elle King EP, she can definitely write herself a good burn song. “Good To Be a Man” gives Elle an opportunity to wax her banjo skills while sarcastically embodying a beer drinkin’, tobacco chewin’ man.

To be a man would be just fine
My only worry would be my receding hairline
I only give love that’s on my own time
To be a man would be just fine

To be a man would be damn good
I’d do dumb things ’cause I should
Get stuck in a ditch like my woman knew I would
To be a man would be damn good

It’s good to be a man these days

Her penchant for adorable, kitschy hats that are covered in fur doesn’t stop at “Good To Be A Man,” either. In this acoustic performance of “I Told You I Was Mean, King continues the furry hat renaissance in monochrome.

You will like Elle King if you like…

The Black Keys at an ice cream social
Eilen Jewell
Being loud but not irritating
First Aid Kit (the band, not the medical supplies…)
Singing your feelings out at karaoke or maybe just at home to your cat

Her first EP, The Elle King EP, proves she’s got the pop chops to be a major contender in the pop rock field. Plus, she’s clearly not afraid to make people laugh and use music to entertain herself… I’m excited to see what Elle King does with her incredible talent.

Her track, “No One Can Save You” shows the serious side of Elle King, and displays her ability to tug on your heartstrings.

Elle King began with violin, progressed to guitar, and played whenever she could. Growing up on Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, and others from her step-dad’s classic record collection. She started playing shows at an early age, and grew addicted to live performance. Her parents even busted her for playing bars in Los Angeles with a fake ID – they printed out her picture and hung it in bars all over the city! Man, parents just don’t understand.

I’m not sure my parents would understand if I covered “My Neck, My Back” by Khia, either. But I still freaking love it.

New Music: Elle King

Elle King’s new album, featuring her single Ex’s and Oh’s, comes out… sometime! The date is still unreleased, but you can bet that I will be in eLine, waiting to pick it up! I also think that Elle King will be a prime source of excellent music videos.

Hey, Elle. Your name is my first initial, and we both have gold nose rings. Best friends? Let me know.

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PS for Dajah – I hope this makes up for my insolence and failure as a music-finding friend.

Probably watching Netflix.

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