Little Red Dress: Beads & Sequins

If everything art deco came flooding back into style, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about. The early 1900s had one of the most beautiful, simple design aesthetics of the entire century. Sleek lines and the tall, column-like shapes in clothing made everyone look like a cigarette ad. Or a Mucha painting. Either way, the only way that feels appropriate to describe it is to call it grand.

I got this rush of nostalgia for the weeks of my art history classes when I started seeing a pattern in my window shopping: red, beaded and sequined dresses.

The holiday spirit has apparently taken its hold because there isn’t a single one of these frocks that I wouldn’t top with some faux fur on my way to a party (…somewhere).

Boohoo Evelyn Beaded Red Dress

Evelyn Hand Beaded Shift Dress, $70 at Boohoo
This is the dress that started my obsessive search for more like it. The details on the shoulders and bust are gorgeous. The embellishments don’t stop at the front, either – the back is just as ornate and eye-catching.

All The Frills Sequin Red Dress

All The Frills Slip Dress, $42 at House of Lucky
And, as an immediate contrast, this dress is the ultra simple version of the sequined red dress.

Boohoo Raya Sequin Red Dress

Raya Sequin & Beaded Maxi Dress, was $70 now $26 at Boohoo
In the mood for something longer? Here’s a chance to try the sheer-outer-skirt look with a more graphic approach to the sequin and beading with a floral design on the bodice.

Liquorish Cami Dress Sequin Panels

Liquorish Cami Dress with Sequin Panels, was $142.13 now $49.27 at ASOS
To take this a little more in the Ariana Grande direction, this sauces up the art deco idea to the Nth degree. Matching the sequins to the fabric makes for a bold textural statement.

Red Beaded Chiffon Skater Dress

Beaded Chiffon Skater Dress, was $29.99 now $14.99 at Charlotte Russe
This has to be the easiest to wear of the dresses here. It’s minimal but still gets the glitzy point across, and can easily be dressed up or down, accessorized or not. This is a pretty universally flattering cut, so everyone wins!

Waterfall Beaded Wine Red Dress

Chasing Waterfalls Beaded Wine Red Dress, $52 at Lulu’s
Back to the column shapes and metallic beading. If you’ve got amazing shoulders, this is definitely the dress to ogle, because it was made to show off upper arms! I love that the beading continues to the collar.

This lust for deco has woken something in me. I immediately found and need this perfect red and gold art deco manicure, and should probably have a beautiful minaudière, too.  Yes! And also should drink whiskey cocktails at 2pm on a weekday, perhaps chased by a pack of cigarettes, oh my goodness.

Maybe I’ll stick to the dress.

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • December 31, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    The dresses are very attractive and beautiful as well. These gorgeous dresses are perfect for any party. For any party it is very important to dressed up elegantly and perfectly.

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