Looks That Kill: Urban Decay Does Pulp Fiction

One of Quentin Tarantino’s finest pieces of work, Pulp Fiction, the modern murder spree noir is a serious classic, and definitely resides in my top 10 films ever. This year marks 20 years since the film hit theaters as Quentin Tarantino’s third film in three years, following his hits True Romance and Reservoir Dogs. What kills me is that there’s an entire generation that think Quentin Tarantino is all Kill Bill and Grindhouse who have never seen Pulp Fiction!

It was definitely my introduction to the epic campiness that Tarantino has mastered. His films have almost a cartoonish quality that sets them apart, both visually and intellectually, from other radically violent yet wildly amusing films. Splice in some hyper-violence and drug use, and you’ve got a Tarantino film!

Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction

The fact that there is now a line of cosmetics inspired by Pulp Fiction only seems natural, as the Mrs. Mia Wallace/Uma Thurman look was so strong and sultry. Urban Decay at the helm of this collaboration makes perfect sense. They have just enough grit to fit the bill, and they have the balls to release such 90s-centric colors as this intense, brown-red lipstick ($22):

Pulp Fiction x Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

This is right up my alley. Throw me head-first back into the 1990s, they were perfect. If you’re into it, there is a matching lip pencil ($20), as well!

Mia Wallace had a cracked-out, perpetual morning-after look that… somehow worked for her. She was such a perfect example of a “Cool Girl” in 1994 – the year the film premiered – and it had everything to do with her muted tones and “give no fucks” attitude.


Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction

Her lids were dark, but not black, and her face was contoured, leaving her My So Called Life lipstick to do all the talking. I always liked how basic and dramatic she looked without being flashy.

Urban Decay came up with an excellent homage to Mia Wallace’s minimalist makeup: this palette of neutral eyeshadows ($34):

Pulp Fiction x Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

The colors: Righteous – a pale, pale peachy-cream matte white; Tyranny – a warm, matte, medium brown; Vengeance – a dark, matte-satin brown; Furious – satin white; and Anger – satin black with “tonal flecks.”

Lastly, the polish that features a custom, limited-edition cap and a deep, dark red nail lacquer ($15):

Pulp Fiction x Urban Decay Nail Polish - Mrs. Mia Wallace

Noticing the “everything is the color of blood” trend here? Just in time for Halloween! I know, for some of us, that’s every day.

I love wearing red lipstick and red nail polish, but nothing grosses me out more than candy apple red for either! I like my colors deep and dark – probably some remnants of my desire to live in the 1990s aesthetic. How lucky am I that it happens to be “cool” right now? Let us “Halloween everyday”-ers and 90s aficionados, rejoice!

You can see the collection on Urban Decay’s website.

Probably watching Netflix.