(A)DD: Mildly Insane Leggings by Romeo & Juliet Couture

I don’t often subscribe to the “so ugly it’s cute” philosophy of style, but there are some patterns and styles that are just… so weird that they become endearing. I found these Romeo & Juliet Couture leggings in the sale bin of Last Call Neiman Marcus, and couldn’t resist their oddball pattern-mashing and eccentric color palettes.

Romeo & Juliet Couture Leggings

Romeo & Juliet Couture Mixed Floral Scuba Leggings, were $108 now $23.60

Now, I’m pretty sure pineapples, florals, pastels, and geometric prints with a stripe hem is what most would consider to be “too busy.” I can’t help but agree… But as soon as I saw them, I imagined hanging out around the house with a big sweater or cardigan and enjoying their insane randomness, and then throwing a mid-thigh dress over the, um, pineapples and having a cute, only mildly wacky pair of leggings.

Romeo & Juliet Couture Leggings

Romeo & Juliet Couture Check & Stripe Print Leggings, were $108 now $23.60

These… are… less excusable. I don’t know why I like them – quite possibly because I don’t know how not to. I can’t count the number of colors present and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to try, because I feel like there’s danger in staring at them too long.

The extremely low prices and wicked markdowns are thanks to the Thanksgiving Sale happening right now at Last Call Neiman Marcus, wherein everything is an extra 40-60% off because… they are angels?! I don’t know but I’m rolling with it.

Extra Credit: Use the code LCFALL12 to take $10 off $50 plus get free shipping on orders over $75!

Probably watching Netflix.