Affordable Line to Love: Mixlay:’s 3D Printed Jewerly

I don’t know what it is about all of the 3D printing stuff, but it makes me feel like the products created through 3D printing will be astronomically expensive. Maybe because the technology is so new, and history states that new technologies are given to those who can pay for them. (AKA not broke people like me.)

So, imagine my shock and awe when I discovered Mixlay.

Mixlay Gold 3D Printed Ring

 Mixlay Void Ring in Polished Gold Steel (24k gold coated stainless steel), $30.01

Mixlay, started by architect, Moncho Berenguer, offers beautiful pieces of unique, 3D printed jewelry at prices that are completely wallet-friendly.

Mixlay Sinus Grad Morph Ring Red

Mixlay Sunis Grad Morph Ring in Red Polished Plastic, $39.71

Wallet-friendly for normal people who buy hi-tech 3D printed jewerly? No, wallet-friendly for those of us with Pinterest boards stuffed full of cool, new baubles that we can’t wait to get our hands on… someday when we can afford it. Mixlay’d 3D printed jewelry is an instant conversation piece, which is a smart investment on its own!

Rings, my favorite type of jewelry and the vast majority of Mixlay’s inventory, are nearly always under $50! Well, when you purchase a ring in Mixlay’s default plastic, they’re under $50, but if you fall in love with a design so much that you want to invest in a more luxurious version, many of Mixlay’s designs are available in precious and semi-precious metals, as well as the more affordable plastics.  

And yes, the semi-precious and precious metals are also created using 3D printing!

Mixlay Ornamento Ring

Mixlay Ornamento Ring in Black Polished Plastic, $38.11

The most affordable material choice – polished, flexible plastic – comes in a variety of different colors that vary upon the style selected. In many cases, the material I like most happens to be the material that makes the price of the jewelry around $10, total.

Not too shabby for cutting edge technology combined with fashion accessories, right?

Mixlay Bay Ring

Mixlay Bay Ring in Matte Bronze Steel, $$27.79

Mixlay Oriking Morph Ring

Mixlay Oriking Morph Ring in Matte Black Steel, $31.72

Other mateirals include stainless steel, both coated, gold plated and plain polished options available, but options differ from style to style. Many of the 3d printed rings have a “matte steel” option which is at once very rugged and striking. An excellent choice, for sure!

The beautiful symmetry and geometry of each piece is mesmerizing. I love how each piece is so simple that it can be dressed up or down by a person of virtually any gender. 

Probably watching Netflix.

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