Mojo Moxy Pastel & Classic Mayfair Flats

First I saw the lilac, then I saw the mint. Then I felt too girly, so I went for the black. Then I felt like going timeless and boom, there was cream.

Each one, a perfectly interesting, perfectly wearable, closed-toe flat with a zillion buckles.

Daily Deal: Mojo Moxy Pastel Buckled Flats

The toe looks almost pointed, but it’s not quite an almond shape either… I kind of like it! The shoes are obviously going to stand out (some more than others).

Mojo Moxy Mint Green Buckle Flat

I admit, they’re a bit Lolita, but I think that they could be worn in a number of ways that don’t require petticoats or circle lenses. If you choose one of the pastel colors, letting it be the loudest thing in your outfit would be a safe, smart way to go. I really think that it’d be easy (& fun!) to get away with wearing these like regular flats, though! With jeans (maybe rolled up a bit?) or with a maxi skirt… A form-fitting midi dress? I want to try them all!

Mojo Moxy Black Buckle Ballet Flats

The black and cream styles speak for themselves. Easy to wear, and coveted – especially at the price of $50.99. AND there’s free shipping from… all the time!

Check it out!: Mojo Moxy Mayfair Flats (4 colors), $50.99 each at

I’m in dire need of flats. My casual shoes range from wedge sneaker to TOMS with very few stops in between. Closed-toe flats are usually so boring, but these are actually interesting! It’s okay that one of your criteria for good shoes is that they hold your attention, right?