Monday Wedgie: Nine West Maureen Wedge

Continuing the Green Period of my life, I have now added a desirable pair of green, strappy wedges to my “need to have it ASAP” list, which is mostly full of other green things.Nine-West-Maureen-WedgeNice, dark green leather, not to mention the wood-look heel. Green and wood will never not go together. I would definitely call these my “tree shoes” if/when they become mine.

3.5 inches is completely manageable, for me. That’s the top of my “comfort zone” but it’s still technically¬†in my comfort zone, so it’s game on. Speaking of game, these are unintentionally celebratory wedgies because I’m a born & bred Seattlite and the damn Seahawks did really well in the soccer game yesterday or whatever.

Check it out!: Nine West Maureen Wedges, $98.95 at Nordstrom