Nab Beautiful Patterned Bedding Now While It’s 40% Off at Target

Quilt Corner


Quilts, comforters, and bedding in general can pack a hefty price tag. In fact, it’s one of the larger investments when it comes to furnishing a new bedroom.

Picking bedding is a huge deal, and can make or break the look of a room. Even the dowdiest patterns, in the right setting, can look gorgeous. Expensive, high-design bedding can look super dull and boring. Busy or loud patterns look warm and inviting… Environment is everything!

Floral Comforter in Loft Bedroom


I’m a fan of quilts and comforters that speak volumes, but still make sense when it’s paired with the colors and objects around it. Maybe it’s the focus of the room, but a good, vibrant bedding set doesn’t look out of place, no matter how loud it is.

Target has some great deals on bedding sets right now. “Set” typically means a comforter, and two decorative shams. (Those extra-pretty, but not great for sleeping on pillows. Sometimes they’re larger than normal pillows. ) I am actually a huge sham-fan, thanks to my professional decorator mom, and they really make a bed look 100x more fancy with minimal effort. (& more pillows – just don’t sleep on them! Put your normal pillows on top when you sleep.) (/shamadvice?)

All of the comforters and quilts in this post are reversible. This essentially means two comforters for the price of one, if you ask me. Even more reason to snag them while they’re cheap!

* Prices are for a queen bed. Twin beds will be less expensive while king size will be a little more! Click through for exact prices.

Mudhut Kora Quilt Set, was $89.99 now $62.99

This is my favorite set at Target right now. I have wanted a quilt for years because comforters are always too warm, and sheets alone are too cold! Quilts provide a thinner, temperature regulating coziness. This set is my favorite because I love each side of the reversible quilt equally! The other side of this red, black, and white pattern reveals a black and white striped pattern that looks just as good with the shams while shaking up the look a little bit! 

Boho Boutique Sueli Comforter Set, was $99.99 now $69.99

I fell for this yellow and purple set as soon as I saw it. Even in the land of UW Huskies, I’m not offended in the least by this bold color palette. In fact, this mix of patterns and textures is so romantic that I could envision building a room around it. One of my favorite details about this set is the dark violet trim on the shams.

Avery Floral Quilt Set

Avery Floral Quilt Set, was $89.99 now $62.99

This is my other favorite set, which is odd because it’s kind of a “grandma floral!” Don’t you think? But I love how kind of plain it is, while not being plain at all. The contrast between the floral and the baby blue & white geometric pattern on the back are really charming.

Mudhut Sofia Comforter Set, was $89.99 now $53.99

Last, but certainly not least, this gorgeous, dark-but-bright set from Mudhut. The bright turquoise really pops next to the deep, rich colors like burgundy, black and marigold. The reverses side offers a lighter pattern with the same palette. A lot of people might be adverse to having so much black in the bedroom, where people typically keep things light and airy, but I love the grounding effect this much saturated color has on its surroundings.

It’s worth noting that the shams are also reversible to the opposite fabric, so you have the choice of making everything match, or mixing it up with a complimentary print!

See the rest of Target’s bedding, all up to 40% off!

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