I’m Wearing: All the Winter Fabrics At Once

It’s a yearning that I’ve had for a long time: Piling.

All the luxurious fabrics of wintertime, compounded and layered like a crazy onion of fashion elegance. Velvet on top of silk on top of fleece on top of wool… Sounds insane. Probably is. I have accepted that as a possibility and have decided to do it anyway.

Also it was really cold and these are winter fabrics for a reason, ok?

I'm Wearing: Silk Skirt, Velvet Boots & Fleece Tights

Cats aren’t technically winter fabrics, but this one compliments what I’m wearing pretty nicely, I’d say. (Also, coolest splatter-painted cabinet ever, am I right?)

I'm Wearing: Velvet Ankle Boots

These are velvet boots. Real, velvet boots. How did I get myself into this? How did I end up in one of the most gaudy fabrics known to man – in the form of a 5″ platform boot?

Well, strange things happen at 3am when you’re cruising BANK Fashion for some amazing deals on shoes. First, you probably come across these amazing buckle-engrossed heels and you add them to your cart, then you get cocky and come across velvet-freaking-boots and you say “sure, why not? I’m AMAZING.” and add them to your cart.

I'm Wearing: Velvet Ankle Boots

Then, when they arrive, you spend two weeks learning how to walk in them.

I'm Wearing: Silk Skirt & Velvet Boots

This skirt has been in my rotation for about two years – it was a killer find at the Banana Republic Outlet. If my memory serves me (which, for clothing purchases, it almost always does), I snagged this silk skirt with adorable pockets and an elastic, high waist for a measley $10. I definitely wore my sunglasses in the evening after that.

Now, I need to talk to you about these tights.

I received them from Kushyfoot – my true love of hosiery – and honestly was not that enthused. I’m not a tights girl and, until very recently, wasn’t even a skirts girl, really. Something I have to literally gyrate into every morning? Pass. I have to basically disrobe in order to pee? No, thank you.

But as I said, Kushyfoot is my true love of hosiery, so I had to give them a chance, and I am so glad that I did. These are fleece tights, and if you are a person who does not live in a self-contained, 72º bubble then it is likely that you need them.

I'm Wearing: Silk Skirt & Velvet Boots (+ Bonus Cat!)

I am getting back into doing my nails lately, and with all this darkness, I wanted something icy and bright to catch the light and balance things out. The color I have on is from the Bonita Cosmetics salon line, and it’s called “Frosty.” I was really impressed with this stuff! Not only was the color beautiful, but it stayed on, chip free, for days and even when I caved and started to chip it off, it put up a serious fight. This stuff has staying power!

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Skirt: Banana Republic via Outlet, $10
Tights: Kushyfoot Fleece Tights (c/o), $26.97 for 3 pairs
Boots: Ribbon Ohh Vintage Boots via BANK Fashion (c/o)
Nails: “Frosty” by Bonita Cosmetics Salon Line (c/o), $3.99