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Every micro-generation has their own classic sneaker. Sometimes, there is one shoe that everyone has, and you are the furthest thing from cool until you get a pair. Other times, like my generation, there are several iconic sneakers, thanks to the ever-increased access to consumer goods in the 1990s. My generation started with L.A. Lights in the late ’80s and early ’90s, then progressed to Converse Hi-Top sneaker, then ADIDAS Shelltop sneakers, and ended nicely on PUMA GV Specials.  I’m going to tell you right now, this post may only have one actively interested reader and that reader may or may not be me.

PUMA GV Special White New NAvy

I have been looking for these shoes for the last several years. I wore PUMA GV Specials extensively in my teens, and had them in several different colors, some of my favorites being red, orange and green.

Once I received my first pair, I knew they were going to be a problem. Much like the Converse Hi-Top phase of my pre-teens, where I had 3 different pairs that allowed me to wear two different colored shoes… aka the highlight of my elementary years.

These PUMAs carried me through high school and, much like many of my belongings from high school, I have absolutely no idea what happened to my collection. Suffice to say, I may be looking to start a new one. has a ton of PUMA GV Specials, and they come in at varying prices. If you want the classic combinations, like the navy & white above, it’ll cost you about $65 for a shiny new pair. This also includes black/white, white/white, and all of your standards.

If you’re looking to get a little funky, however…

PUMA GV Special Teal Grey

PUMA GV Specials in Turbulence/Electric Green, $30.99

…there are several that are much less expensive that are not only going to feel amazing on your feet, but they’ll fulfill the empty hole in your heart reserved for loud sneakers.

See all the PUMA GV Specials at!

Much like many sneakers that are identical in both men’s and women’s styles, you may find a style in the men’s section that is clearly cheaper than the women’s style. That is okay, and sadly common. I have purchased men’s sizes in these exact shoes before and had no problem with it. Learn how to convert your shoe size to men’s sizes here!

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