Review: Target’s Xhilaration Jeggings (Really Just Leggings)

Like most women I’m friends with (and some men, let’s be real), I am constantly on the search for the perfect leggings. Many have given up their search, concluding that perfect leggings simply don’t exist. Such a loss of hope has to be devastating, which is why I’m so pleased to tell you – I think I’ve found the perfect leggings.

Well, sort of.

I think that a good legging collection includes various different types of leggings. You need your solids, of course, black being a must-have. But then you also need some different textures and tones to round out your wardrobe. For solid colors, I highly recommend grey and olive green, and when it comes to textures… go nuts.

Target's Xhilaration Jeggings: A Glowing Review

I advise you to try everything textured when it comes to leggings.

During some blackout shopping* a few years ago, I wound up ordering some leggings with leopard print texture/embossing over black and – wow. I did not expect to like those as much as I did, so now, I texture it up with reckless abandon.

Recently, I came upon Target’s Xhilaration Jeggings in the hosiery section, alongside the tights and basic leggings. They were the same (ultra low) price as the regular leggings, but seemed thicker and had an interesting grain to the fabric that I’m sure was supposed to be “denim-esque” but doesn’t convey its intentions very well… But it’s still good! It’s just not a jegging.

As soon as I had worn my first pair (an olive green pair that happened to be on clearance for 50% off) for one whole day, I immediately went back and bought the same leggings in black. I even… ahem, paid full price for them. That’s how impressed I was.

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A close-up of the moss green Xhilaration jeggings from this outfit.

So, aside from the frequency at which they go on sale and the texture…

Why was I impressed with these leggings?

These leggings have serious strength. You can feel the fabric and instantly tell that these aren’t going to net nylon-like runs in the legs. These will stand the test of time.

They don’t ride up and they don’t fall down. They stay nicely at the waist, and the elastic isn’t so tight that it’s painful or so loose that it’s pointless.

The opacity is breathtaking. Seriously. Even the best leggings will become at least lightly sheer when you stretch them… These? Not even a little bit. Try it and get back to me.

The colors. As I mentioned, my first pair was olive green, and they remain my favorite of my collection. These come in 6 different colors. I also am coveting the blue and cranberry pairs.

Obviously, I wouldn’t even be talking about these if it weren’t for an excellent price, so if you need a fifth point, consider the $12 price point to be one of my favorite things about these leggings.

Target's Xhilaration Jeggings: A Glowing Review

The only “negative” thing I have to say about these: they’re definitely not jeggings. They are leggings, y’all. These have no pockets, a visibly elastic waist, and no belt loops – thus, they are leggings.

That concludes the only criticisms I have. And, believe me, I have stretched them under bright lights, done hours of gardening in them, worn them with heels, sneakers and boots and cannot find anything actually negative to say about them other than: why don’t they come in more colors? 

Target's Xhilaration Jeggings: A Glowing Review

Xhilaration Basic Jeggings, $12 at Target

* Blackout Shopping is the act of cruising the clearance section while under the influence of a legal but altering substance. This may result in impaired judgement, overt gutsiness, and/or unexpected packages containing faux leather pants in 7-10 business days. Please only perform blackout shopping from the safety of your home or local drinking establishment.

Probably watching Netflix.

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