Target on eBay: New Clothes at Discount Prices

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the vast and wide lands of eBay – internet equivalent of New York City. Some parts are nice, and full of beautiful treasures… others are confusing, scary, and sometimes even downright spooky. Every time I log on, I find a thousand things I like mixed into 4.3 million things I don’t care about.

One of my best tricks when browsing eBay is searching for a specific brand name – even if I don’t really know what I’m looking for. (Search a brand name? Real revolutionary, Lindsay.) Usually, I’ll create a search string like “ASOS 14 pants” or “Express L dress.” Throwing in a size and a category usually heeds some pretty successful results.

But I wasn’t expecting to find what I did when I typed in “Target L” and saw over 30,000 items available… all from one seller: Target.

Target on eBay

Look at those reviews…!

Yes, Target is on eBay, selling their own overstock. At least, that’s my assumption, due to the fact that many of the pieces are being offered on eBay below retail price. (Some even below the clearance price!)

For instance, this adorable drawstring dress that comes in a total of 6 colors – 3 at, and 3 on eBay.

Target vs. Target on eBay - Save Money!

Not every item is discounted, but many if not most of the items for sale in Target’s eBay store are also available on the main website, Some are listed at the same price and some have cheaper prices on eBay, but everything is all brand new, with tags.

There are no auctions, also! Everything is listed as a “Buy Now,” so there’s no risk of your Lowest Price Ever getting hijacked!

Of course, my instincts tell me to bee-line for the clearance items, so after some scoping out some listings (organized lowest – highest price), I have rustled up these treasures!:

Target Finds on eBay

Clockwise from top left: Colorblock Hem Shift Dress, $9.97; Faux Leather Disc Ponte Dress, $12.24; Mixed Media Long Sleeve Top, $9.18; High Waist Denim Legging, $15; 3.5″ Shorts in Orange Truffle & Timber, $13.98; Sleeveless Floral Dress, $29.99; Navy Blue Sheer Striped Tee, $10.48.

Sadly, they don’t seem to be offering shoes on their eBay store, but maybe (hopefully) that’ll change in the future. I have a soft spot for Target shoes because they’ve served me well over the years, and always seem underpriced… but alas! Also not included: handbags, jewelry and hosiery (aside from leggings, but even those are pretty limited). Bummer.

In “Things Target’s eBay Store Does Carry”: cosmetics. There are over 2,000 listings for beauty and spa products, many of which are cult favorites by brands like Tweezerman, CHI, NYX and Burt’s Bees.

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Also, I will mention that the eBay “store” is less easy to navigate than the Target website… which isn’t saying much, as Target’s website often seems confusing and cluttered, but the deals are definitely worth it!

Check out the Target eBay store here.

Now to explore eBay Target’s home decor section