The Year of Boots & Buckles

Originally, this post was just going to be a drop box for my favorite new boots of the season, but it ended up containing about 85% boots with buckles on them, so I figured I should quit lying to myself and just be honest about my boot preferences this year: buckles or get out.

Of course there are going to be some exceptions (namely, exceptions with laces…), but every boot gravitate towards this year is covered in buckles. Doesn’t matter if they’re heels or flat, short or tall, if there are buckles, I’m more into them than I probably ought to be.

But maybe some of you are sharing my buckle love this fall/winter? Tell me I’m not alone. Maybe you should look at these beautiful buckled boots first, then decide if you are in love with them. That’s more fair, I guess.

Sam Edelman Troy Moto Boot
Sam Edelman Troy Boots, were $179.95 now $89.90 at Nordstrom
I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. They’re the perfect height for me, and I like the calf to have a little room to move. Plus, the color is just south of intoxicating and those buckles are oversized but not comically oversized. Slouchy boot shafts are great with skin-tight jeggings and jeans!

Blowfish Bilocate Boots

Blowfish Bilocate Boots, $69 at Macy’s
Now, Blowfish shoes and I have had a complex relationship. They come in and out of what seems like viral fashion with their offbeat styles, but they’ve been swinging and bunting, at best, for a few years. The release of this “Bilocate” wedge boot with a rich, wood-look stacked heel (in four different colors) may just be a home run. (Or at least a base hit.)

Target Premier Tall Rain Boot

Target Premier Tall Rain Boots, $32.99 at Target
Everyone needs a good pair of rain boots! Even if you don’t live in a rainy place, they sheild half of your leg from the elements, and allow you to wear your not terrible fashionable fleece socks underneath… What’s not to love? These come in three colors, black being the least bright & vivid, but they all have the taupe buckles at the leg opening.

Dolce by Mojo Moxi Kiwi BootDOLCE by Mojo Moxy Kiwi, were $79.95 now $55.99 at 6pm
Be still, my heart! These heels are not for the weak of character… But I had to include them for those of you who laugh in the face of four inch heels. The shape of these, and the antique styling has got me drooling over here. These are the perfect “oh, these boots? I don’t know, I just had them” boots that are so simple, but also the furthest thing from from it.

Sole Society Valentina Boots

Sole Society Valentina Wedge Boots, $109.95 at Sole Society
Last but obviously not least, these knee-high suede boots from Sole Society. I’m not terribly familiar with the brand, but these boots are certainly a great introduction. Wedge boots are always more comfortable for me than boots with traditional heels, and I can’t get over the color of these!

Maybe the buckles make me feel like I’m more securely fastened into the boots, or maybe it’s some kind of nearing-November pilgrim appreciation thing… but the way these buckled boots are looking at me, I have a feeling there are gonna be some scoured shoe sale sections in my near future!

Probably watching Netflix.

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