Tildon Jewelry is Garden Party Parts Meets Fight Club

One of the benefits of running a blog about shopping is that I always tag my brands. Recently, I’ve noticed myself tagging a brand I’m not familiar with, Tildon, quite a bit – particularly in Daily Deals. That, of course, means that I’m finding (and loving) an awful lot of things that are under $25… That is worth looking into.

I discovered that Tildon is a Nordstrom brand. Nordstrom is both a beacon of Seattle pride and one of the best places to find quality clothes, so that was great news. I was able to find a whole bunch of clothing and jewelry that I loved, but started to notice a bit of a trend among the jewelry…

Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of it looks like it could be used as a weapon and then worn to the opera.

Tildon Crystal Flower Ribbon Necklace

Tildon Crystal Flower Ribbon Necklace, $17.98

Don’t they look like little shurikens? Glamorous, art deco shurikens? The shuriken all little girls dream about when stealth-killing guards in Tenchu. (…Right?)

Moving on.

Bracelets and general armwear aren’t exempt from this phenomenon, either. In fact, I found two in particular that are badass-tastic in two very different, very powerful ways.

Tildon Vintage Brooch Hand Chain

Tildon Vintage Chain Brooch Hand Chain, $24

Part lariat, part body armor, part classic vintage jewelry. Perfect? Yep. I’m reminded of the days when fishnet everything was cool and I was sure that everyone (including/especially me) would be wearing in the future. If I were going to indulge myself in my teenage jewelry fantasies, this is definitely the way I would do it: a somehow perfectly elegant hand chain.

Tildon Pearl & Gold Cuff

Tildon Faux Pearl Drop Cuff, $13.98

This is the most armor-like piece of jewelry in this me-curated collection. A thick, gold cuff bracelet with dangling pearls. It also comes in a menacing and particularly striking silver version, also with white pearls. No bullet-stopping guaranteed.

Their rings are where the real power is, though. Single, double, triple knuckle rings… Like dainty little brass knuckles that you can wear to tea. A smattering are on sale, so if you love it, jump on it because it might not be around for too much longer!

Tildon "Pearl Wave" Double Finger Ring

Tildon Pearl Wave Armour Double Finger Ring, $10.98

No list of weapon jewelry would be complete without a double finger ring. This one is particularly chic due to the gradient-size wave of pearls that run along the tops of your knuckles with a soft curve. Pretty demure, but pretty bold, too.

Tildon "Vintage Plate" Triple Finger Ring

Tildon Vintage Plate Triple Finger Ring, $10.98

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this ring since I saw it. The highly detailed vintage plate has natural elements, royal elements, and sparkly elements. It’s dignified, and super, ultra, mega hardcore due to the partial immobilization of not one, not two, but three fingers. Damn.

Tildon Pearl Beaded Statement Ring

Tildon Beaded Statement Ring, $22

Then there’s the juggernaut. Imagine the imprint you could leave on the face of anyone who stands in your way. Enemies, beware! Three gigantic pearl-sized holes may be in your foreheads future.

I always have a penchant for the tough-girl aesthetic, and wow do I need all of these in my arsenal. The rings and the ribbon necklace could be worn so many different ways, and the statements that Tildon’s making are so appealing! They’ll definitely be a name I remember from now on. Now to start a Tildon collection of my own…


Probably watching Netflix.