ADD: Tinley Road Pleated Shift Dress

Attention: ladies who want to put as little on their bodies in the summertime as possible. (You know who you are, and there’s no shame in your game.)

I have many girlfriends who would happily spend the summer in a shapeless maxi dress and flip flops, or a pair of silk shorts and a tank top. I respect these women. I respect them because they know summer is a luxury, and the biggest luxury of all is comfort.

Daily Deal: Tinley Road Blake Pleated Shift Dress

Not having to think about jackets, pants or socks for an entire season is the height of luxury, and anyone who tells you is just jealous or maybe has some kind of circulation issue. Which is fine, don’t make fun of them, they’re just cold.

Tinley Road is always good at making clothes designed to bankrupt me. This pleated shift dress looks so easy to throw on, I almost feel like it should be classified as some elevated type of garment. You know how everyone in the future is wearing the same leotard-type Gattaca jumpsuit? Well, in my perfect world, this is about as close to my ideal uniform as you can get.

Daily Deal: Tinley Road Blake Pleated Shift Dress

The pleats on this shift dress go all the way around the back, which is pretty adorable, if you ask me. From the back, this looks like a cute, drop-waist dress with a pleated skirt, but in the front, you get really flattering seams and a halt on the pleats. This puts a nice, narrow, eye-attracting line down the center – which, as we know, makes everyone look bonkers good.

Another nice thing about this dress is that it would take a belt really nicely! Right around the middle or something more bold & slouchy… it’s all so easy!

They way Piperlime has styled this dress is nearly perfect, in my eyes. Some kind of neutral but structured shoe would be excellent to balance the “whatever, wherever”-ness of the shift dress. This dress definitely has a flapper vibe, if it weren’t for the bright fuchsia color – which Tinley Road claims is “radiant orchid,” the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year – and the ladybot of the night heels.

Check it out!: Tinley Road Black Pleated Shift Dress, $24.97 at Piperlime