#Tunesday: SIREN’s First Single, “I Think I Like You”

Since 2014 seems to be the Year of Contemporary Pop Music Appreciation for me, I’m just going to roll with it. That means that I definitely allowed myself to rock out and sing along to “I Think I Like You,” the first single from Kat Ostenberg and Skylar Stonestreet, the duo behind new pop group, SIREN.

SIREN's featured single, I Think I Like You

There have been no fewer than one billion comparisons to female pop group Tegan and Sara, many of which I assume are made once the author has seen that there are two women in a band together. (So they’re also gay, right?) I tend to get less of an indie girl band vibe and more of a mix between swirly dream pop and plain ol’ dance music.

If you are into Lykke Li, The Ting Tings, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding and/or … check these girls out.

A clean & simple breakbeat is accompanied by a repetitive, confident piano riff and when you lay the oddly-synchronistic harmonies of Ostenberg & Stonestreet over the top, you have an electronic girl power cake. (Electronic. Girl Power. Cake. I don’t know what a Power Cake is.) And, as fruity-goopy as that sounds, it’s admittedly delicious.

Their voices are almost saccharine harmonies compared to the blend of thundering percussion, sharp snares and the droning piano power chords that provide the basis for this dreamy summer anthem. A good balance between rough, dirty drums and soft vocals (lightened up with a chorus of sweet, sweet oohs – and later there’s clapping!) make for a song that’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head for three days. It’s at least a three day song. You’ve been warned.

SIREN's debut single, I Think I Like You

It’s rare form for a pop duo to show up out of nowhere, with seemingly no music-producer parents or ties to record labels, to come out of the gate with such a tightly edited, immaculately clean debut single. This spells extremely good things for the future of these Los Angeles besties and their dance-inducing music careers.

Earlier this month, SIREN released their first music video for “I Think I Like You” which features a lot of dancing, swaying, and hair flipping.

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Along with their video release, they’ve been seeing hype from every direction, including a recent head-nod from actress Chloe Grace Moretz, as they found a place on her essential summer playlist.

These girls not only seem like a bunch of fun to be around and raid the closets of, but they also seem like they’re headed in a direction that will leave them playing outdoor shows for a bunch of headband-wearing hipsters who are blissed out on the heart-matching beats that SIREN produces. Those bodes well for their next release, and you can bet I’ll be eagerly waiting.

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