Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara Review

Welcome back! Were you able to snag any of the Stila or Smashbox stuff from Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Week 1 sales? If not, don’t even try to worry about it, week 2 is here!

The next set of crazy 50% off beauty deals is furnished with brands like Urban Decay, Tarte, and Lorac! Today’s sale is actually a two-fer: Pür Minerals Chateau Kisses Lip Gloss and Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara by Tarte…. the latter of which I got to try.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

I only recently started caring about mascara. Prior to about three months ago, I never wore it – I just threw on liquid liner, and called it a day. I had a bad experience with a sample of mascara that dried out my lashes so much, and clumped in a way that made it so it obstructed my vision slightly. I can’t help but try to pick it off at that point, so I ended up pulling it a good bit of my eyelashes in the process. Not good, not cool. I decided I didn’t need mascara and never looked back.

When Ulta sent over this 4-in-1 mascara (volumizing, lengthening, curling and conditioning), I was kind of neutral about it. I was/am under no obligation to talk about any of my personal experiences with the products they sent me in conjunction with these sales, but… I feel like, if there’s a good deal on something you haven’t tried, a quick review isn’t a bad thing to include, right?

So I tried the mascara and was impressed pretty much instantly. Only 50% of me was really impressed, considering now I had mascara on and there was a good chance it was going to start bugging me within minutes. But we’ll get to that; the difference between no coat and one coat is pretty fabulous:

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

That, with my daily liquid liner, is pretty much the most perfect daily eyewear I’ve ever worn. I love how the single coat is still natural-looking, but is much darker and more defined. And about the lash-picking? None.

The second coat I tried to apply made me wish I had stuck with one coat. Good thing one coat seems to be enough! It also comes in this way cool leather-bound packaging. Not sure why, but it’s sexy!

Lights Camera Lashes is made with olive esters, which condition lashes instead of drying them out. As with most other Tarte products, it’s free of parabens, and is also free of gluten, phthalates, lauryl sulfates and mineral oils.

Right now, this mascara is only $10! Usually it’s $20. Yum!

Here’s this week’s 21 Days of Beauty lineup:

Sunday, September 14

tarte lights camera action

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
reg. $20
now $10

pur minerals chateau kisses lip gloss

Pür Minerals Chateau Kisses Lip Gloss
reg. $18
now $8

There are eight shades of this juicy lip gloss… for less than $10! This “vine to jar” lip gloss is focused on rejuvenating lips and reducing signs of aging – that means that it helps you in the plumping department. They promise that the formula is “never sticky” – if that’s true, this is on my watch list.

Monday, September 15

LORAC Front Of The Liner Eye Liner

LORAC Front Of The Line Pro Liner
reg. $23
now $11.50

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I LOVE LIQUID LINER? The first high-end liquid eyeliner I tried, I loved. I can only imagine that legendary cosmetic brand LORAC can produce a mighty fine liquid liner. Plus, there are four shades to choose from, including navy, brown, and gray.

Tuesday, September 16

Mally Beauty Face Defender

Mally Beauty Face Defender & Sponge
reg. $40
now $25

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the hell a “face defender” is, if not some kind of awesome Decepticon mask. Well, it’s basically high definition powder for your face. A fine, matte powder that reduces the visibility of pores and generally smoothes things out. It’s best used as a finishing powder after you’ve applied all of your other makeup.

Wednesday, September 17

Clairsonic Brush Head Sale

Clairsonic Brush Heads
Buy One Get One Free

Owners of Clairsonic facial machines – rejoice! Here is your opportunity to grab some additional brush heads and add some extra TLC to your facial care routine. Here are some of the brush heads you could pick up:

Thursday, September 18

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
reg. $20
now $10

This is one of those beauty products that bloggers can’t stop talking about. I’ve read countless rave reviews about how this little tube of cream can make shadow and liner last literally all day, no creasing, no smudging. This tube goes a long way, so $10 is a serious steal!

Friday, September 19

Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream

Urban Decay Named Skin Beauty Balm
reg. $34
now $17

Urban Decay, as one might assume, has their very own, very highly rated BB cream. This stuff is supposed to make your skin look flawless, smooth, and even-toned with one simple layer, as well as firm & lift your skin and provide anti-aging benefits! Pretty powerful stuff.

Saturday, September 20

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow

BareMinerals Loose Eye Shadows
reg. $14
now $7

What a killer opportunity to get some excellent loose shadows! If you pick your colors wisely, you won’t just be gaining an eyeshadow, but also a highlighter, cheek, and lip color.

That is a pretty crazy lineup of well-discounted beauty. Do you think you’ll pick anything up?

Probably watching Netflix.

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