Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty: Week 1

Man, I owe you guys bigtime for not posting this on Monday – because of me you missed out on three killer deals at Ulta.

Right now, they’re running 21 Days of Beauty, and for us, that means major makeup savings. I am lucky enough to have their entire calendar of daily sales right in front of me, and there’s not a single product I would pass up, given the opportunity and given I had unlimited funds for beauty products…

They kicked things off on Sunday, September 7, and it will wrap up on Saturday, September 27. In between now & then, you’ll see deals on brands like BareMinerals, Stila, Smashbox, Butter London, Clairsonic, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay… Plus so many more. The average savings is around 50% per product. Half off high quality beauty products for no reason? OKAY.

So I forced you to miss out on 50% off BareMinerals Mascara and Philosophy Exfoliating Wash, as well as some skin stuff that you probably don’t need (just being real) from Dermadoctor and Strivectin… But today. Today is the day things really start to get good.

Today’s 21 Days of Beauty deal from Ulta:

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows

regularly: $30
today only: $15

Too Faced was one of the first non-drugstore beauty brands I ever tried, thanks to the glorious price of Nordstrom Rack. I fell hard for their Second Base eyeshadow primer, and then stumbled into some eyeshadow that I used religiously…

As a woman pushing 30 (I’m starting to forget my youth), let me impart some wisdom unto you, blog readers who apparently are within a few years of my age: after 25, eyebrows become really important to you. Like, really important. They can change the outcome of your day, and with a few strokes of filler, they can turn you into Linda Evangelista or Cara Delevigne. And you spend your whole day as Linda Evangelista, not just the morning. All day.

The rest of this week’s Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sales:

Thursday, September 11:

Stila Eyeshadow Palettes

Stila Eyeshadow Palettes

Regular: $39
Sale: $20

Including: In The Know Palette, In The Light Palette (not pictured), In The Moment Palette & In The Garden Palette

Friday, September 12:

Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer

Smashbox 24 Hour Shadow Primer

Regular: $20
Sale: $10

Please allow me to vouch for this product: I LOVE IT. You only need a half-pea-sized bit to do both eyes, and it really does last all day. If you’ve ever had “sticky eyelid syndrome” caused by some eyeshadow/eyeliners, this will fix that, too! Definitely a must-have for my makeup bag. If I’m wearing eye makeup, I’m wearing Smashbox 24 Hour Shadow Primer.

Saturday, September 13:

Butter London Summer Holiday Collection

Butter London Nail Lacquers

Regular: $15 each
Sale: 2 for $15

Butter London is in my top 3 favorite nail polish brands. They are one of the most chip-resistant, and have the widest range of beautiful colors… I just got La Moss (named for Kate Moss) recently and it’s my 100% favorite for sure favorite favorite nail color right now. It’s my perfect red!

Butter London bottle photo courtesy of Polish Hound. Butter London nail polish courtesy of Ulta. And no one asked me to vouch for that eye primer, but you should seriously consider it if you hate disappointing eyeshadow experiences. I don’t know why I’m continuing to vouch for it here… it’s just really good.

Probably watching Netflix.

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