Want: A Dark Green Bag Under $50

Have you ever gotten lost down an internet wormhole by clicking so many intriguing links that you end up at a place you’ve never been, for reasons you don’t know, and you don’t remember how you got there?

Well, I want a dark green handbag.
And I’m not entirely sure why or how long I’ve wanted one.

I’m sure I came across something like this:

Rosei Huntington Whitely - Dark Green Bag


Or maybe it was this…

Olive Green Celine Bag


For the record I also like Jessica Chastain’s handbag in these photos, but I want something darker. (Surprise.)

Bottom line is: I absolutely, positively want need covet a dark green handbag. There are tons of green bags, but I am in love with the ones that are deep. Murky, dusty, inky... Anything that is particularly un-vibrant. My dream is to switch out my neutral black bag for an off-neutral green one. Crazy? Not really. I don’t think so, anyway. Maybe it is. Is it? Guys?

…Okay, so maybe I already have a green handbag. Maybe I lusted after it, snagged it online, and realized that it was so huge, I could really only use it as a weekend bag. Maybe it swallows me whole and, instead of regretting my purchase, I just want to get another one that fits my needs. Maybe I’m attached to the other one. Everyone needs a weekend bag, right!? I’m asking for a friend.

The sad thing is (as usual) all of the handbags above are definitely more expensive than all the things I own stacked together. (Maybe if I exclude my Macbook, but that’s more an appendage than a belonging.) You can tell that they’re luxury bags because of the materials and the gorgeous structure – and how it doesn’t collapse into a hobo bag after a few uses. I bet the hardware on those bags feel like Le Creuset dutch ovens. Heavy and expensive.

Well, I’m looking for one under $50, because that’s my reality. I don’t have many Le Creusets. I did get a discontinued stock pot for Christmas though!

…Anyway, here are the bags. Smallest to largest because I clearly need to be paying more attention to size when it comes to buying bags…

Dark Green MIA Studded Fold Over Clutch

MIA Studded Fold Over Clutch, was $128 now $49 at Yoox

Dorothy Perkins Dark Green Envelope Clutch

Crocodile Embossed Envelope Clutch, was $44 now $22 at Dorothy Perkins
** Admittedly, this one didn’t come with dimensions, so I had to guess at its size based on the hardware and style. Take it with a grain of salt!

Two Tassel Satchel from Dor L'or on Shoptiques

Two Tassel Satchel, $36.99 from Dor L’or on Shoptiques
** Another guess on the dimensions.

boc Annopolis Crossbody Bag

b.o.c. Annopolis Crossbody Bag, was $60 now $26.99 at 6pm

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Deux Lux Essex Faux Leather Faux Croc Tote Bag

Deux Lux Essex Faux Leather Croc Embossed Tote, was $105 now $36 at Neiman Marcus

Dorothy Perkins Large Green Structured Tote

Large Green Tote, $49 at Dorothy Perkins
** No measurements here, either, but clearly this is a nice sized tote.

Any larger than that, and I’m just a little bit of history repeating. I frequently wear a lot of dark neutrals like indigo denim, gray, and black. Adding a green “pop” is less of a “pop” and more of a, uh, gurgle…? But it’s still enough to add the “oh, that’s green!” intrigue.