What To Wear Now: …Pineapples?

Yeah, pineapples. Not sure where they came from, or why they’re here – but they are definitely here.

I can’t seem to escape them. Every shopping trip results in pineapple: the kitschiest of fruits.

Maybe we’re about to enter some kind of ridiculous Hawaiian Shirt Phase of affordable fashion, but I’m gonna give pineapples a chance – namely because I’m starting to see pineapple tidbits (canned food joke!) that I like and may actually consider wearing.

Hey Dickface Pineapple Outfit

My new fashion blogger crush, Hey, Dickface.

Some pineapple patterns make me think of old Abercrombie & Fitch safari style – namely when it’s on a hunter green background, like this scarf from Nordstrom:

Leith Pineapple ScarfPineapples have been manifesting in both pattern, and isolated focus. All shapes, all sizes, all mediums.

What to wear now: Pineapples

Le Happy in a pineapple shirt that isn’t trying to be anything it’s not.¬†

I could definitely see myself in a sweater with a pineapple on it. I don’t know why, particularly, but now that I’ve inundated myself with pineapple paraphernalia – I’m more sold on it than ever.

What To Wear Now: Pineapples

Love the stripes and pineapple combination from Elle And Jess.

The patterns vary from the low key styles like the scarf at the top of this post, to vibrant and graphic repetition, like the top above, and this dress on It’s Not Her, It’s Me:

What To Wear Now: Pineapples

I’ve been able to find pineapples in ever shape, size, and color. That includes a cute blue pineapple dress that doesn’t look ridiculous.

I also have a feeling that pineapple emblazoned swimsuits will be pretty common this summer – particularly because I’m already seeing them on racks! Keep your eyes peeled if you’re into the Chiquita Pineapple look because they’ll likely be widely available and therefore¬†affordable.

What do you think of this fruity trend?