Would You Wear: Matching Two-Piece Sets?

Remember this?

Dionne & Cher from Clueless

Well, you could be seeing a lot more of that come summertime. The popularity of matching tops and bottoms is on the rise, and I’m starting to see things on the racks that… I would actually consider wearing.  This is completely atypical and therefore must be examined.

Would You Wear: Matching Top & Skirt Sets

A Very Nineties look: Won Hundred Twill Set from ASOS

Of course, the look that Dionne & Cher are rocking isn’t exactly the 2014 interpretation of the previously preppy outfit. This iteration is more of a dress cut in half kind of look. The shape is a riff on two other current trends: the crop top and the high waisted midi skirt, of which we know I am a recent fan.

Express Look Book Matching Top Bottom

On the right: Floral Crop Top & Midi Pencil Skirt from Express

I’ve seen these in every place from Barney’s to Target and I must say, I wasn’t attracted when I first started seeing matching skirt & top sets popping up in place of my leggings and jackets (both of which I am a noted collector). Over time, though, they’ve either started to brainwash me or the designs are getting better and more wearable.

ZARA Woman Lookbook Crop Top

A shot from ZARA’s Spring Lookbook, featuring a crop top and pencil skirt.

In a highly-noticeable look like this, you have to achieve a good balance lest ye venture into the realm of tacky. Crop tops are already dangerous, and high-waisted midi skirts in the wrong fabric can look like a bad Cry Baby costume. Using solid colors and girly patterns kind of help make these separates more kitschy than tacky.

Would you wear a matching top & skirt set?

Here are a few that I didn’t think were gross (and are, of course, moderately affordable – some more than others!):