Would You Wear: Overalls?

On paper, overalls are everything I’m supposed to love: comfortable and not immobilizing onesie made of cotton? Should be an auto-sign up… but when it’s overalls… there’s something different. I have a hesitance that is accompanied by flashbacks of butterfly clips and the intro to Clarissa Explains It All. 

Additional flashbacks of elementary school picture days, Kriss Kross, and countless other not-necessarily-welcome ideations all block the road between me and overall bliss. (See what I did there?)

These nightmares are 90% irrational and unwarranted. It’s not overalls’ fault that my 5th grade picture featured me in a red plaid turtleneck with a pair of dress overalls. Back then, you can trust me, they were not chic like the fancy overalls in stores now.

Anna in Overalls

Anna from the Finnish style blog, Lauantaimurhetyttö.

These days, shops like Zara, Topshop, and even Target are carrying an updated version of the classic OshKosh B’gosh. A more fitted leg with less “you can keep your shovel and your candy in it” pockets and a streamlined silhouette – some are even wearing overalls in formal styles!

I could definitely see how a pair of faux leather overalls could fit into my wardrobe, provided they fit me like a glove and never once made me feel like a walking sauna. Even a loose pair of silk overalls!

But then, you could also go for shorts.

Alexis in Overalls


Alexis on Lookbook.nu

There’s no pressure to get this ballsy with your style, but I can’t help admire the look.

I’ve seen tights and boots with overalls, and I’ve seen bare legs with flip flops. My question is: when does an overall become a jumpsuit? What amount of sleeve is necessary to distinguish the difference?

And most importantly…

Would you wear overalls?

Tell me why or why not in the comments!

  • Absolutely! I really love the updated tighter-fitting leg going on in overalls these days. Overall shorts are so nice and comfy on a hot summer day too.

  • OrigamiGirl

    I have a dungarees dress in fact! Not one of the options you list above. I really liked it for a while, but then I felt it made me look a little bit too young.

    Interestingly I wouldn’t describe any of the above as overalls but as dungarees. To me overalls are workwear that really are over all of your clothes like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panoply-MACH2-Work-Overalls-Knee-Pad-Pockets-Workwear-/370491415377

    Which I wouldn’t wear unless I was painting the house. :)

  • I think I would try it with overalls shorts… maybe. :p