100+ Doc Martens On Sale at 6pm.com

As a major purveyor of Doc Martens for nearly two decades, the very first place I look when I get the itch for another pair is always the same: 6pm.com.

Doc Martens Oxblood Steel Toe Boots
Dr. Martens Oxblood Steel Toe Boots, $129.99 (were $250)

Right now, they’re holding a special sale on Dr. Martens boots, heels, sandals – everything. You can get a fresh new pair for up to 18%-60% off! Saying “Dr. Martens” feels so proper and fancy. If I waver between “Doc” and “Dr.”, just do your best to bear with me through these confusing times.

These Oxblood Steel-Toe Boots are the most expensive thing I fell in love with, and they are $129.99 marked down from $210! I’m a major sucker for oxblood and that shiny steel-toe is my new favorite thing.

But if you don’t like looking like Tank Girl meets Gattaca, don’t worry – pretty much every style of Doc Marten is available. There are over 100 women’s Doc Martens in the sale!

I have a pair of their heeled boots (the Regina boots, which are sadly discontinued) and they are the most comfortable heeled boots I have ever worn. They put lots of padding in the footbed, and the heel was about 3″ with a 1″ platform at the toe so it felt like a 2″ heel.

That’s the biggest bonus of owning Docs – they’re comfortable! The brand has a great balance of comfort and timeless style. Pretty much every boot or shoe Dr. Martens makes is going to work hard for you for at least 10 years, if not 20 or more.

Dr. Martens Karishma Brogue T-Bar Heel, $97.99 (was $140)

Dr. Martens also been broadening their style horizons for the last 10 years, incorporating their oldschool boot details like wingtips and eyelet lacing and blending them with modern, feminine shapes like this Karishma Brogue heel ($97.99). Definitely a shoe you can wear for years and years before it becomes “outdated” (if that ever happens).

Git you to the 6pm Dr. Martens sale at 6pm!

Probably watching Netflix.