9 Sunglasses That Will +1 Your Summer Game

If you are looking to step up your poolside too-hot-to-wear-awesome-clothes game, I would highly suggest that all broke girls turn their focus on loud-ass sunglasses. 

Not only are they cheaper than swimsuits, they’re one size fits all, long-lasting, and statement-making. Oh, and they keep the sun out of your eyes, I guess.

Much like shoe shopping, sunglasses shopping will never make you feel un-cute. Shopping for cute, inexpensive sunglasses online may as well be listed as a homeopathic anti-depressant, so long as you stay away from credit cards and designer stores! (Though I have had some luck with designer labels on sale… keep scrolling!)

Left to right:

Warehouse Half Metal Sunglasses, $17.50 (were $25) at ASOS

Calling these “half metal” is very, very weird, though technically accurate. These have a cute pink frame across the top that make these look a little bit vintage-inspired, but the super dark lenses make them feel a little more badass, to me. Maybe even half retro, half metal…? (idk)

Filigree Round Sunglasses, $18.50 (were $27) at ASOS

All I see is the 1990s, but mixed with an industrial, diesel-girl style that makes them… just the right amount of weird. The filigree frames remind me of my grandma’s art deco coasters from her bar cart. Do I sound like I like these? I swear I do, it’s just that occasionally fashion manifests in very nostalgic forms ok? Ok.

Quay Ziggi Sunglasses, $16 (were $40) at NastyGal

These are the glasses that started this post. There’s something about that striking, pointy chrome that just makes me want them. They’re so severe and so striking that they almost intimidate me. Do I have the brow game for this??

Amour Than A Feeling Sunglasses, $11.99 (were $19.99) at ModCloth

Everyone needs a solid pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, regardless of age or Nabokov preference. They’re just cute, and when they come in black, they definitely don’t have to be “girly.” I like the ombre lenses, too!

Sole Society Danelle Sunglasses, $20.97 (were $29.95) at Sole Society

Another pair of silver sunglasses with a chrome-like shine, I know, I have a clear twitch-inviting fixation. The shape of these is so complimentary to the silver and the deep, dark lenses. These will never, ever, ever be out of style, in my opinion. Totally timeless.

Car Cruise Boogie Sunglasses, $11.99 (were $19.99) at ModCloth

How do you resist these Minnie Mouse envoking shades? They are so incredibly charming, and not cloyingly retro. The model’s super dark hair is also incredibly flattering with these, but I could see pretty much any complexion making these look awesome.

Agent Provocateur Electrify Sunglasses, $50 (were $370) at Agent Provocateur

These oversized sunglasses are a super unique, deep plum color, and with the ombre lens, it definitely evokes the image that Agent Provocateur embodies. You know – sexy, mysterious, probably carrying a weapon…

These are only $50 right now, so if you’ve always wanted a piece of that fem-dom pie that is Agent Provocateur, now is your chance.

Thierry Mugler Bronze & Red Sunglasses, $41.30 (were $59) at Last Call Neiman Marcus

Ummm, do I really need to talk about these? They caught my eye immediately due to their amazing arm shape and striking profile. Brick red against gold is also a great way to be understated with colorful sunglasses.

Calvin Klein Havana Tortoiseshell Sunglasses, $29.99 (were $199) at Bluefly

Aren’t these just the perfect tortoiseshell sunglasses? Oversized, dramatic cat-eye shape and blackened lenses, all wrapped up in that spotty, beautiful tortoiseshell. $30 is a total steal for these, and they’ll definitely be fun to wear for the next full decade.

Probably watching Netflix.