Cheaplist: A Crop of 9 Mini Crossbody Bags Under $25

Do you like how the title of this post suggests that I grew and maintained these small crossbody bags myself? Pulled them out of the internet by their straps and cleaned off the pockets before laying them out in this post? I think that springtime has officially gotten hold of me.

ASOS Mini Satchel
ASOS Mini Satchel, $22

My Monday is full of dreams about mini crossbody bags. They are really just glorified clutches, ideal for keeping your hands-free during weekend adventures or really intense grocery trips. I find that, once the sun starts showing up more frequently, I don’t need to cart around as much crap with me. I only need the basics. Wallet, lip balm, sunglasses, and maybe a lipstick or bag of gummy worms or something.

Some of these are really more like wallets with straps, but that definitely has its place!

French Connection So Fresh Mini Crossbody Bag
French Connection So Fresh Mini Crossbody Bag, $22.97

Little bags like these are also great for adding some bright color without overwhelming anything. Neon, for example, is easily overwhelming, but a tiny bag with some bright color can be a breath of fresh air when you’re not into wearing bright & shiny but want people to know you aren’t made of doom & gloom.

Target Distressed Crossbody Clutch
Mossimo Supply Co. Distressed Mini Crossbody Bag, $21.59

Luckily, smaller bags can’t justify bigger prices, so these are all under $25.

But small doesn’t mean plain. There are some tiny bags that pack big details that are unique and gorgeous.

Big Buddha Cece Crossbody Bag, $20.18

As much as I love gigantic, monster bags, I find myself actually buying more smaller bags than anything else. Maybe my age is showing, but my days of hauling around a gorgeous duffel bag may be behind me!