Lingerie Wonderland: White Rabbit NY

Much like its namesake, White Rabbit NY is a wildly charismatic brand that could easily lead you down the road into trouble.

Unlike its namesake, White Rabbit NY is actually incredibly mindful and conscious of the way they use their time. They’ve made a commitment to empowering and supporting women internationally while selling underwear made from a fabric with a clever source: bamboo.

White Rabbit NY Thong in White

Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, making it a choice fabric for undergarments. And if you’ve ever had a bamboo t-shirt, you know it’s barely (if at all) distinguishable from it’s other natural cousin, cotton. In fact, the bamboo fabrics are often softer, in my opinion. The other bonus of this particular bamboo rayon fabric is how pleasantly stretchy it is, because booty-hugging undies are definitely the best.

Next to your hoo-ha, though, is always 100% cotton. (I guess the adults would call that a gusset.) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, ya know?

White Rabbit Lingerie - "The Prince Bamboo" Briefs in White

While there are only a handful of styles right now, the amount of time, research, and love that went into each design is huge. The lace used on each pair is a USA-made, stretch lace that not only looks beautiful along the edge of these luxurious basics, but also provides a supreme comfort and fit. That nice, wide, lace waistband will also help prevent any potential muffin-toppery.

White Rabbit NY is dedicated to more than just making the female ass look and feel fabulous, they also take their commitment to the next level by employing exclusively women in their fair-paying factory in Mexico City. They also donate a percentage of each sale to Fabrica Social, an organization that helps women develop marketable skills so they can provide for themselves and their families. They are currently working with seven rural villages engaging women in creative design and business administration education, and helping to sell the products they create. Rad.

Currently, White Rabbit NY offers a hipster brief, a solid thong, and a lace thong. As they grow, they plan to offer some additional styles, as well as a bra. I am personally hoping for a gorgeous bralette… but we’ll just have to wait and see.

White Rabbit NY also offers a unique satisfaction guarantee that comes in the form of a Comfort Trial. This allows you to buy two or more pairs of underwear (which qualifies you for free shipping, by the way), and once you receive them, break one open and try it on. I mean really try it on. Take it to work, to the gym, to the laundromat – and if you’re unsatisfied in any way, you can send them a blank email (seriously) and they will shoot you a pre-paid shipping label and refund your entire order. Keep the pair you tried on, no questions asked.

They also offer a sweet deal where they’ll discount your order if you buy 3 or more pairs of their undies. Typically, their briefs (my favorite cut) are $16 but if you buy 3 or more, they’re only $13.95 each. The thongs are less expensive, too, if that’s your jam.

Probably watching Netflix.