(A)DD: Baublebar Minerva Fringe Necklace

Every time I see something at Baublebar go on big sale, I do the kind of scrambling that involves knocking phones off of tables and spilling coffee near my computer. There’s something about their jewelry designs and, more specifically, sale prices that make me all flustered.

Pieces like this Minerva Fringe necklace are a huge part of the reason, too. When it’s marked down from $40 to $14… there’s not much time.

Baublebar Minerva Fringe Necklace
This necklace isn’t too blingy, but doesn’t skimp on the luxurious details. I like that it’s a collar style necklace (no real middle or focal point), because – as flashy as I am with the clothing that I wear, I’m really conservative about jewelry and don’t really want something that seems loud or garish? Just wedge sneakers, I guess.

I’m also particularly excited because opal, the stone used in the iridescent half-moon shapes, is my favorite gemstone. Ever!

Baublebar Minerva Fringe Necklace 1

You can see how nicely this necklace lays on the collarbone. The photo above has a slightly different, but identically-shaped necklace for reference.

Baublebar Minerva Fringe Necklace

Tarnished gold shield-shaped panels are adorned with black, glossy beads, glimmering opal half-moons, and bunches of gold bead fringe. Seems really flashy up close, but really it’s just an excellent signal boost for the rest of your look. Subtle, but not.

Check it out!: Minerva Fringe Necklace in Opal, was $40 now $14 at Baublebar

PS – If it’s you’ve never shopped at Baublebar before, they’ll give you 15% off of your first purchase, so take that off the price while you’re at it, too, plus free shipping in the US!

Probably watching Netflix.