(A)DD: Coastal Scents Eclipse Conceal & Contour Palette

Makeup and beauty products only get more fun as I get older. My teens and early 20s was full of bright eyeshadows and colorful bursts, but these days, eyeshadow doesn’t excite me as much as it used to… I’m more into contouring, skincare, and simple, occasionally dramatic looks but not a ton of color. You’ll find me drooling over bright lipsticks and bronzer, along with every liquid eyeliner I can get my hands on.

Another beauty product I’ve been slowly mentally seducing: contour palettes. These palettes have several skin shades, usually matte, that can be used as a base, concealer, and/or contour color – all extremely natural looking because you can blend the colors together to perfectly match your skin tone.

Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette

This is the Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette includes 12 different skin tone shades from light to dark, and has three tone-balancing colors – lavender purple, mint green, a highlighter, and a rich yellow – to help correct dark spots, redness, under-eye bags, or anything else that you could ever want to cover on a face, pretty much. It’s truly everything you could want to create a flawless base. A face base. A #FlawlessFaceBase.

I’m sorry. I still don’t really understand how hashtags work.

Coastal Scents was originally introduced to me by the first YouTube beauty blogger I ever fell in love with, xSparkage. She used an awesome mix of high end and affordable beauty products, including several Coastal Scents palettes that were shockingly affordable. Like $20 for dozens of high-pigment eyeshadows in a professional-looking palette. Dream come true!

These are 15 extremely creamy, blend-able colors that, according to reviews have excellent coverage and excellent staying power. It’s normally an extremely affordable $14.95, but on Amazon it has been marked down to an absolutely uncalled for $8.04.

Check it out!: Coastal Scents Eclipse Conceal & Contour Palette, $8.04 (was $14.95) at Amazon

Bonus Video Reviews:

Bless YouTube for it is an immense beauty review database. This is as close as you get to “Try before you buy” for free – let other people do the try and then decide to buy!

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