(A)DD: GAP Factory Deconstructed Boyfriend Jeans

These should probably just be called “loose fit jeans” – I never understood the whole “boyfriend” thing. Grandpa sweaters, I get, but I’m pretty sure “boyfriend” just means loose.

Either way, I love the look of these loose fit jeans with a variety of shoes, which is a big deal. Let’s face it, these jeans are shoe accessories if anything. Right? I mean, a good pair of jeans is going excel at making all of your other clothes look better than they are…* That’s why everyone likes them so much.

* This extra applies to jeggings which make your other clothes and your ass look better. But “boyfriend jeggings” would be the most hideous monsters ever imagined so we don’t want to go there. Not today, not ever.

deconstructed boyfriend fit jeans

These are actually a little different than your typical “boyfriend jeans” because they are (sigh) sexy boyfriend jeans – GAP’s words, not mine – meaning they have a narrower leg, but remain loose through the hip and thigh. I don’t think there’s any carrot-style tapering going on here, but it does make them easier to roll up.

Check it out!: Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, were $59.99 now $18.26 at GAP

The slimmer leg and ankle also eliminates the whole “I was just painting my house and slipped my 4″ heels real quick” vibe that boyfriend jeans + heels often produces once you try it at home.

Why these are discounted so much is a mystery to me, as they’re available in sizes 0-12 in this medium indigo wash and regular 30″ inseam… But you know what they say, some mysteries are best left buy jeans.